The Power Platform Accounting solution with customizable UI Portal/Mobile-first customizability you know is available now! True Easy Multi-Entity - Multi warehouse Inventory ease – True 3-level multi-currency conversion - global – True material and service job planning delivery, sales order configuration… Its D365… CRM and you already know how to make it any vertical business. This is the modern Cloud platform to take to your mid-market clients against Amazon AWS and Google Cloud!

THE POWER ERP PLATFORM IS VERY ROBUST! True End-to-End you customize with no-code/low code… GLOBAL! Click here to see more. Email for a demo now. Try it free today.

Even the value custom development outsource you trust.

Finance-to-Portal ERP Toolkit


  • Power Apps Accounting - Mid-Market Powerful

    • Built for smart growing companies. Next-level upgrade to QuickBooks with Sales Order, Inventory, Warehouse, Audit Control
    • Multi-Company (Multi-Entity), True Global 3-Level Multi-Currency, Multi-Warehouse, Serial Tracking, Subscription Billing
    • Ideal for Dynamics 365 based Franchises, Management Firms, Family Offices, Holding Companies,
    The ONLY native Dynamics 365 (CRM – Power Platform) accounting. Works in your Dynamics 365 Sales/CS/Project/Field Service environment and licenses. Simple to use yet with powerful mid-market growth-oriented company features. like multi-company, multi-warehouse, multi-currency, dimension analysis, automated quote-to-cash process, purchase order management, bills of materials and assembly, payables management, receivables management, advanced financial reporting, labor resource time billing with material requirements planning with Time & Material Billing option, and so much more.

    Built on the Microsoft low-code Power Platform integrated to D365 & these powerful companion components below…

    * Power Apps Licensing not included.
Finanace Accounting Toolkit


Finanace Calender Toolkit
  • Time & Material Billing

    Manage your resources and jobs effectively with intelligent tools, intuitive dashboards, and real-time reports. All jobs and job tasks will be monitored effectively ensuring timely delivery and strict adherence to quality standards. Billable hours are recorded for each day and scrutinized before it makes to client invoices.

    * Power Apps Licensing not included.
  • Time Post Mobile

    Allow the flexibility of viewing and accepting jobs and job task posting billable work hours of your resources through mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops from anywhere and at any time on the go. IOS or Android and Windows.

    * Power Apps Licensing not included.
  • Teams Time & Material Billing

    Teams Time & Material Billing empowers users beyond Microsoft Team capabilities by enabling automatic time tracking, jobs & job tasks monitoring, Teams' meetings billing, expense tracking, geo location and more within Teams application.

    * Power Apps Licensing not included.


  • Sales Core

    Use this Sales light licensing to get access to core functionality such as Account & Contact Management, Activities, Outlook Integration, Dashboards and Mobile App at a discounted rate.

    * Power Apps Licensing included.
  • Sales & Customer Service

    ncludes everything in Sales Core plus Prospect/Lead Management, Opportunity Management & Forecasting, Power Sales Processes, Competitor Tracking, Case/Ticket Management, SLA, InsideView Insights and 1 Portal Included.

    * Power Apps Licensing included.
Finanace CRM Toolkit


Finanace Portal Toolkit
  • Invoice Email Pay Portal eCommerce Website

    A complete ecommerce upgrade to your online platform, Invoice Email Pay Portal (IEPP) allows you to send customer proposal(s)/ invoice(s) via. "email" at a click of the button. Clients can edit or print proposals before being converted to invoices. Includes 100 secure payment session transactions to start with and a large volume (100000 page views) of anonymous webpage visits. Supports Credit Card and PayPal transactions.

    Portal come fully integrated to Microsoft Dynamics 365/Azure/Power Portal/Technology Stack. The look and feel easily made to match as fully integrated to your existing website properties managed by our large support team and your local Microsoft partner.

    * Power Apps not Licensing included.
  • Time & Billing Customer Job External Resource Portal

    This portal solution is an alternative to Microsoft’s Power Apps Portal which requires $200 for 100 logins for authenticated users and $100 for 100000 pageviews for anonymous users. For customers, who want their employees to sign into portal and access resources to perform their day-to-day job activities, Time & Billing Customer Job External Resource Portal is ideal and cost-effective as it does not have any access limits.

    * Power Apps not Licensing included.
  • Power Portal Product CMS Addon

    This is an addon solution for (Invoice Email Pay Portal) IEPP which enables your sales team to manage products & services catalogue from Microsoft CRM itself. It, therefore, gives your sales team a better control on what products and services are to be displayed to visitors helping you garner more website traffic

    * Power Apps Licensing not included.
  • Power Portal Visitor Tracking Addon

    This is an addon solution for (Invoice Email Pay Portal) IEPP which enables visitor tracking on webpages generating leads for your business which could end up into more sales conversions.

    * Power Apps Licensing not included.

* Power Apps not included in pricing. NO Microsoft License tax. Dynamics 365 licenses include Power Apps. P-Apps alone are as low at . See Power Platform Pricing