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Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM Web Portals

Web Portal Methads

Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 is leveraged to web Portals as a standard and included technology from Microsoft with subscription of Dynamics 365 “Enterprise” licenses for your staff. Every type of business interaction today is eased through direct full-service “self-service” remote anywhere access to all relevant data. Dynamics 365 by Microsoft is the way to collect, process, manage, and analysis that business and organizational data. And any-device web-Portals are the way to allow the outside world to access it effortless, completely securely, instantly, as they wish… 24/7/365

Depending upon your target audience, Dynamics 365 Portals, out-of-the-box offers simple and straight-forward commonly-used functionality for many online interactions. But anything is possible through customization. Anything is the business and services of MTC!

For instance, it could be Customer Self-Service Portal for guiding your customers through knowledge articles and FAQs that may probably answer their queries without having them to raise any cases for known issues. Or it could be a Partner Portal where you want to offer complete business transparency to your partners by allowing them to view and access different working entities such as orders, jobs, invoices, payment history, etc. Or it could be an Employee Self-Service portal where you want to facilitate day-to-day business operations for your employees by providing access to relevant data. Or it could be a Community Portal where you would like to share and invite ideas, get answer to your queries, and trigger discussions for enriched knowledge. Even still if these portals haven’t covered what you wanted then Custom Portal will surely address your business needs as you will have the flexibility to define everything like the look and feel, and the possible content that goes inside it.

Leverage the Advantage of Dynamics 365 Portals for Greater Business Efficiency

More than a decade into its establishment, MTC has had the opportunity to work on many portal projects that has overtime made it a popular destination for global customers to rely for their complex portal needs. MTC has a robust team of portal consultants who have a strong appetite for complex challenges in portal implementation and customization. Dynamics 365 Portals is their niche area and are known to deliver the projects on-time and within budgetary limits.

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Some of the notable projects include

  • Ecommerce Integration
  • Implementation of Single Sign-on for accessibility across devices
  • Multiple Portal Management inside Single Portal
  • Seamless Integration of Dynamics 365 Portals with existing websites
  • Customizations on Portal Registration Page
  • Developing In-line Editable Grid for Portals