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Dynamics 365 Copilot Enhances Customer Experiences

Microsoft's Dynamics 365 Copilot, the world's first CRM and ERP AI Copilot, has benefited over 63,000 organizations, enhancing productivity and focus across customer journeys.

Copilot is designed to help people do their very best work—and we’re seeing real value to support this vision. Today, I’m excited to share the most widely used scenarios and performance metrics from employees at Microsoft and leading organizations using Copilot capabilities across the customer journey. These stories and insights showcase what’s possible when employees are assisted by AI in the flow of work—helping them to boost productivity, perform tasks more efficiently, and focus on what matters most.

Transforming customer experience in the age of AI: Sellers, service agents, and marketers share a common goal: developing exceptional customer experiences that ultimately impact the bottom line. In July, we introduced the next wave of Copilot and AI capabilities to deliver connected customer experiences—from within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, all the way through to the customer interactions in Outlook and Microsoft Teams powered by Microsoft Sales Copilot. With Dynamics 365 Copilot and Microsoft Sales Copilot, marketers can use everyday language to create relevant and targeted campaigns and brainstorm creative copy; sellers can move from one customer call and email to the next with relevant context on the opportunity at their fingertips; and service agents can become super agents with the help of AI to serve up relevant information to close customer cases more quickly.

Assisted by Dynamics 365 Copilot, Microsoft Support team resolves more cases faster, with less effort : At Microsoft, we’re also leading our own AI-first transformation and, since April, have been using Copilot capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service within our Customer Service and Support (CSS) team—one of the largest customer service organizations in the world. Today, we can share how Copilot has impacted the way agents work to resolve support cases, and the impact on their efficiency and productivity..

In addition to the early results from the Microsoft Support team, we’re hearing directly from leading organizations getting an early start with Copilot in Dynamics 365 Customer Service..... Read More

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Microsoft Leads 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Sales Automation

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Sales Copilot elevate sales efficiency, enhance collaboration, and drive organizational success through AI, seamless integration, and robust data security

Empowering sellers through automation and intelligence : Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales enables sellers to close more deals and meet customer needs with the help of next-generation AI and real-time insights. Sellers have everything they need in their app of choice to engage with customers, including historical data and access to subject matter experts. Using data, sellers can achieve more consistent sales interactions from creating a lead to closing a sale, predict how much revenue they will generate in a given timeframe, automate repeatable processes and define sales best practices, and promote products and services with targeted marketing campaigns. Additional sales enablement features include adaptive guidance for next best steps based on actionable insights, AI-guided selling features like the sales assistant and conversation intelligence to help build stronger customer relationships, and predictive scoring models to prioritize leads and opportunities for increased conversion and win rates. Sales managers can also get intelligent insights into how their sales team members are performing, so they can provide proactive coaching to improve their teams’ overall performance..

With Microsoft Sales Copilot, which is included with Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise and Premium licenses, we have established a vision of CRM platform by fusing collaboration experiences with CRM platform data and generative AI capabilities to help sellers reduce mundane tasks and personalize customer relationships even further. Powered by Azure OpenAI Service, Microsoft Sales Copilot features built-in responsible AI and enterprise-grade Azure security. Sellers can access Copilot in the tools where they’re working, whether that’s Outlook, Microsoft Teams, or Dynamics 365 Sales. Microsoft Sales Copilot also connects to Salesforce for instant data syncing. Sellers can use Copilot to automate tasks or view email or meeting summaries, helping them save time on daily tasks and spend more time with customers. AI-powered, real-time insights including customer summaries, recent notes and customer news, and highlights of any issues or concerns help sellers enter customer meetings fully prepared to focus on key items. And to help sellers follow up after those meetings, Copilot can generate AI-assisted content and recommendations, such as customer-specific emails using data from their CRM platforms and Microsoft Graph..

Partners have played a key role in helping us refine Copilot in Dynamics 365 Field Service ahead of its public preview and we are excited to share some of their observations as early adopters.... Read More

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Unlock the Power of Azure Update Manager

Azure Update Manager simplifies update management across Azure, on-premises, and multi-cloud environments, ensuring compliance and security with ease.

Azure Update Manager provides a SaaS solution to manage and govern software updates to Windows and Linux machines across Azure, on-premises, and multi cloud environments. It is an evolution of Azure Automation Update management solution with new features and functionality, for assessment and deployment of software updates on a single machine or on multiple machines at scale.

Notable notes

  • The Azure Log Analytics agent, also known as the Microsoft Monitoring Agent (MMA) will be retired in August 2024. Azure Automation Update management solution relies on this agent and may encounter issues once the agent is retired. It does not work with Azure Monitoring (AMA) Agent. Therefore, customers of the solution are encouraged to move to Azure Update Manager for their software update needs. All capabilities of Azure Automation Update Management Solution will be available on Azure Update Manager before the retirement date.
  • Azure Update Manager has been redesigned to offer new capabilities without a dependency on Log Analytics agent or Azure Monitor agent. It relies on the Microsoft Azure VM agent for managing update workflows on the Azure VMs and the Azure Connected Machine agent for managing Arc-enabled servers. When an update operation is performed for the first time on a machine, an extension is pushed to the machine that interacts with these agents to assess missing updates and deploy updates. The native design on Azure Compute and Azure Arc for Servers platform enables zero-step onboarding and simplifies operations on an ongoing basis.
  • Azure Update Manager is available at no additional charge for managing Azure VMs. For Arc-enabled Servers, the price is up to $5 per server per month.
Built in ability to execute scripts before or after deploying updates to machines as a part of a schedule (aka pre and post tasks). Create alerts based on updates data for your environment. .... Read More

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Power Apps September 2023 Feature Update

Power Apps brings you updates for makers, including a new home page and easier table creation. Trust improvements include Access Check, and model-driven app monitoring returns.

General Availability of Access Check to view all users who have access to a record. We are happy to announce that you can see all the users who have access to a record. This allows you to view who you have shared your record with and who has access to your record from their security role assignment. The feature is being rolled out and will be available globally by end of September. Being able to view all users who have access to your record allows you to improve your collaboration experience and to reduce support calls. This feature is enabled in your environments by-default so your users can find out who are their colleagues that they have shared their records.

The following are the two Organization Settings that are enabled by-default. You can reset these settings to better fit your business needs:

  • a. IsAccessCheckerAllUsersEnabled: This allows the admin to see who has access to the record.
  • b. IsAccessCheckerNonAdminAllUsersEnabled: This allows the admin, owner of the record, and users who have access to the record to see who has access.

We’ve also released new, and made updates to some of our documentation – see a summary before of some of the key updates... Read More

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Power BI September 2023 Feature Summary

Power BI brings you a series of updates, including improvements in data modeling and row-level security. Explore these enhancements for a more robust reporting experience.

Reporting Mobile layout interactive canvas With this latest update we are happy to announce that we have made the mobile canvas interactive. This new capability provides the ability to test how buttons, slicers, and visuals will behavior on the app before publishing the report.

The Smart Narrative visual can now display either text or numeric values when showing data for a column. Previously this was limited to only numeric values.

Modeling Edit your data model in the Power BI Service – Updates. Changes you make to layouts will now persist between Desktop and the Service, including:

  • Changes made to data model layouts in Desktop will now be incorporated into the Service upon uploading the .PBIX file.
  • Similarly, changes made to layouts in the data model within the Service will now be incorporated in the Desktop upon downloading the .PBIX file.

It’s helpful in cases you want to start working on a new branch and wipe clean your WS content for that, or when you are moving from your regular project to small bug fixes (assuming they are on the same content), that should happen on a different branch..... Read More

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