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December 2022 Articles

2022 release wave 2 in action: Bringing innovation into focus across Dynamics 365 and Power Platform

Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform help strengthen your technology ecosystem by seamlessly providing visibility into every area of your business, empowering employees to focus on what they do best, and enabling your teams to create world-class customer experiences.

As introduced in the special Business Applications release launch session at Microsoft Ignite, each video showcases how real-world organizations are taking full advantage of the new capabilities to achieve new levels of efficiency, cross-functional engagement, and breakthrough customer experience.

Do more with less by becoming more agile and efficient with Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform. The 2022 release wave 2 unlocks durable growth by unifying business data, relationships, and workflows with a single, cohesive business cloud. Read More...

Explore and evaluate how the latest features in Dynamic 365 and Power Platform 2022 release wave 2 can bring great efficiency, cross-functional engagement, and breakthrough customer experiences with MTC experts. Get in touch now!

Accelerate your cloud-native journey with Azure Monitor

Organizations are going through an era of digital transformation and are embracing various cloud-native technologies to fuel innovation. Developers are critical to this transformation; they need to quickly bring innovation to the market to address customer needs.

Applications developed on Azure deliver reliability, scalability, and the ability to handle huge amounts of workloads anywhere around the world. These cloud-native apps take advantage of containers, serverless technology, and micro-services-based architecture with Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Container Apps, and Azure Functions.

Business acceleration is far more than just adopting cloud-native technologies, it’s also about agility and scale. We recognize how onerous it can be for developers to configure and monitor the infrastructure and distributed microservices. Read More...

MTC’s expertise in Azure has helped to achieve reliability, scalability, and the ability to handle huge amounts of workloads anywhere around the world Engage MTC for your Azure needs!

New cache refresh settings available in Power BI Premium

The additional Analysis Services server properties are now supported in Power BI Premium and Power BI Embedded. With this capability, Power BI administrators can modify XMLA-based Analysis Services server properties to optimize, govern, and alter query behavior in their workspaces.

Today, Microsft adding another familiar server property that will be supported in Power BI! Microsoft is happy to announce that ClientCacheRefreshPolicy is now a configurable property for your Power BI Premium workspaces. Admins can override scheduled cache refresh settings for an entire workspace, improving the performance of their semantic models.

The default behaviour in the Power BI service is to automatically cache the dashboard, tile, and report queries upon refresh to provide an optimal report viewing experience. For enterprise semantic model deployments, where hundreds of reports and artifacts are built from a single Power BI dataset, automatic caches may cause performance issues. Read More...

Explore and evaluate how the latest features in Power BI can improve the performance of their semantic models. Get in touch now!

Discover how Microsoft 365 helps organizations do more with less

The role of IT has changed dramatically over the past few years as the world shifted to hybrid work. IT leaders today advise on a breadth of capital expenditures and play an increasingly central role in the employee experience—occasionally resulting in a complex patchwork of tools and solutions to support and manage.

Now more than ever, IT leaders need to reduce cost and complexity while empowering a digitally connected and distributed workforce in an uncertain economic environment. Microsoft 365 is the cloud-first platform that brings together the capabilities organizations need in a secure, integrated experience.

Microsoft 365 can help free you to cut redundant licenses for products across communications, chat and collaboration, file sharing, endpoint management, email, storage, mobile device management, identity and access management, information protection and labeling, and endpoint protection. Read More...

Explore with MTC for Microsoft 365 to identity and access management, information protection and labeling, and endpoint protection Get in touch now!

Announcing Software Usage Insights in public preview

Usage insights are limited to supported Windows applications. This does not include usage related to operating systems and there may be situations where Microsoft does not have sufficient information about the application to make a usage calculation.

Software usage helps inform organizations of the user impact if they want to block software or any vulnerable versions. The daily software usage is calculated from process events collected by the core endpoint detection and response service and shown for any number of onboarded devices.

Customers can view software usage by selecting an application in the Software inventory page, which then opens a detail pane where they can view data related to that software’s usage over the past 30 days. Read More...

Join MTC to explore how customers enhance their security posture and develop their application control strategies.

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