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AI Trends in CRM and ERP Systems: 2024 Insights

In 2024, the landscape of CRM AI and ERP AI continues to evolve, offering organizations unprecedented opportunities for growth and efficiency. With the momentum gained in 2023, businesses are now embracing AI-driven strategies at an accelerated pace. From streamlined operations to personalized customer experiences, the integration of AI technologies is reshaping how businesses operate and compete in the market.

Looking back, 2023 was a breakthrough year for CRM AI and ERP AI. Microsoft rolled out new AI-powered tools and features in its CRM and ERP applications, and other solution providers soon followed. Among other accomplishments, Microsoft launched—and continues to enhance—Microsoft Copilot for Dynamics 365, the world’s first copilot natively built for CRM and ERP systems.

Evolving AI technologies to this point was years, even decades, in the making. However, as leaders watched AI in business gradually gain momentum, many took steps to prepare. Some applied new, innovative AI tools and features in isolated pilot projects to better understand the business case for AI, including return on investment (ROI) and time to value. Others forged ahead and broadly adopted it. All wrestled with the challenges associated with AI adoption, such as issues around security, privacy, and compliance.

With copilot and other AI-powered capabilities in Dynamics 365, your organization can create unified ecosystems, accelerate growth, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. It can also continually improve operational agility while realizing greater productivity and efficiency. Get started today to make 2024 a transformative year for your organization. Read More

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Power Apps Feature Update

This month, Microsoft excited to introduce several enhancements across Power Apps, Dataverse, and Copilot. For Makers, productivity gets a boost with Copilot now available in 8 languages, along with the addition of new Power Platform Dataflows to Solutions and the ability to call SQL Server stored procedures directly in Power Fx. End users can enjoy features like Draft with Copilot in canvas apps and General Availability for Shared Device Mode for Power Apps on iOS.

  • Access Dataverse audit log using Synapse and Power BI is now generally available.
  • Announcing preview for blocking unmanaged customizations.
  • Building new apps and tables with Maker Copilot is now available in 8 languages worldwide.
  • Power Platform Prompts Library
  • Add new Power Platform Dataflows to Solutions
  • Call SQL Server stored procedures directly in Power Fx

Access Dataverse audit log using Synapse and Power BI is now generally available. To comply with auditing requirements, security officers or internal auditors can use their own Synapse workspace to access Dataverse audit data. They can use Power BI to create and monitor for auditing events.

We’ve also released new, and made updates to some of our documentation – see a summary before of some of the key updates:.. Read More

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Innovate smarter with Microsoft partners for app development

Maximize AI transformation with Microsoft Azure and ISV solutions. Accelerate app modernization with Azure Spring Apps Enterprise, Azure Red Hat OpenShift, and HashiCorp Terraform on Azure. Leverage our partner ecosystem for industry-specific expertise. Connect with Azure experts to architect your intelligent applications efficiently.

ISV solutions help accelerate your AI transformation While Azure provides the tools to build and modernize intelligent applications, it’s important to consider the broader tech stack. Independent Software Vendor (ISV) solutions complement Azure services by allowing you to meet specific use-case requirements, modernize existing tech stacks onto Azure, and mitigate the need to build new skillsets. If your organization routinely uses ISV solutions as part of the app infrastructure or development process, chances are that you can continue to use them even as you build new or modernize existing apps onto Azure. An example is apps built on Azure Spring Apps or Azure Red Hat OpenShift.

Azure Red Hat OpenShift Azure Red Hat OpenShift is a turnkey application platform. It is jointly engineered, operated, and supported by Red Hat and Microsoft. With Azure Red Hat OpenShift, you can deploy fully managed Red Hat OpenShift clusters without worrying about building and managing the infrastructure and get ready access to and integration with Azure tools, singular billing, integrated support and access to committed spend, and discount programs. This increases operational efficiency, time to value, and allows developers to refocus on innovation to quickly build, deploy, and scale applications. Get started through the Azure Red Hat OpenShift documentation.

JConnect with experts from Azure who will be able to guide you on your app architecture that utilizes the appropriate technology and services— Microsoft or partner—for your needs...... Read More

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Revamped Image Functionality in Power BI

In response, Microsoft made significant improvements to the image capture feature in the Power BI add-in for PowerPoint. With these changes, you'll have more control over data presentation. Now, when using the Power BI Storytelling add-in, you'll notice a new dropdown menu under the report name, offering various options for data viewing.

Therefore, I am happy to share that we made some changes to the way that image capture looks and works to address your feedback. We believe that this change will provide you with greater control over when data is presented and to whom.

    When you use the Power BI Storytelling add-in, you will notice few changes:

  • For add-in with content, there is a new dropdown under the report name with few options to view the data. I will explain more about these new options in the next section.
  • When opening an existing presentation with Power BI add-in, the slide thumbnail will no longer show the data. The image will show up only when the user views the slide, and after a permission check. This is true only for newly created slides. Existing slides will show the image only at the first load of the report.
  • Using the “Show as saved image” option will replace the live view with the same placeholder experience, since we disabled it and override it with the new behavior. Existing add-ins that were saved as image before this update, will keep their state and will show image in the old format. The new behavior will light up only after you change the add-in back to live state.
  • When you change the add-in content to image, the footer stays active, and only the report area itself is changed to an image..

Get the recent Office update, and check the new Image mode in Power BI add-in. Please share your feedback with us, so we can continue improving while you watch for more exciting updates...... Read More

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Copilot Updates March 2024

This month, Microsoft was thrilled to unveil some exciting updates to Copilot. Now, Copilot for consumers supports Apps, enhancing your Power BI experience. We've also made improvements to Copilot Geography support, ensuring data stays within EU boundaries seamlessly. Plus, usage and billing are now seamlessly integrated into Copilot.

Updates to Copilot Geography support
We have received lots of feedback from the community to improve the logic behind enabling copilot and ensure data does not leave the EU data boundary. Currently, if you are not in US or France, you need to enable both the copilot tenant admin switch and enable the cross geo tenant switch to use Copilot. This was not intentional and was actually a bug in the logic we use to route traffic. With the new fixes in place, now if you are using a Premium or Fabric capacity in the EU, you no longer need to enable the cross geo tenant switch in the admin portal to use Copilot. We will guarantee that traffic does not leave the EU data boundary. (if you enable the cross geo tenant switch, data could still leave to the US, so for customers who don’t want this behavior, please keep this switch turned off). If you are not in the US or EU, then you are unaffected by this change and still need to enable the cross geo tenant switch before using copilot.

Usage and Billing is now available in Copilot
At the start of February, we announced the pricing of copilot and updates to the capacity metrics app to show the detailed usage of copilot for your premium capacity. Since March 1st, your premium capacity will now be billed against all copilot usage..

As always, keep voting on Ideas to help us determine what to build next. We are looking forward to hearing from you!...... Read More

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