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Announcing General Availability of Block unmanaged customizations

The Block Unmanaged Customizations feature is officially launched and is now live! This powerful tool empowers Power Platform administrators to effectively manage and regulate direct development activities within production environments. It enables admins to control direct development, ensuring adherence to approved ALM processes for reliability, safety, and auditing purposes.

This feature will ensure that solution deployments are predictable and consistent and enforces that all changes to production environments go through ALM processes. With this feature, the system administrators will be able to block unmanaged customizations by not allowing direct changes in the environment and by not allowing import of unmanaged solutions in Microsoft Dataverse environments. Unmanaged customizations become the top layer, which blocks managed solutions from being effective. These direct changes in the environment bypass formal ALM processes like testing and approvals..

feature can be enabled or disabled from the Features area of the environment settings page in the Power Platform admin center. By default, this setting is disabled. The feature cannot be enabled in the default environment. Before enabling the feature, please review the known limitations as some application experiences may be limited.

Any attempt to make unmanaged customizations will result in an error returned to the user, such as: “This environment doesn’t allow unmanaged customizations. This was a choice made by your admin, and certain actions won’t be available or will be view only.”... Read More

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Cost-effective service with Microsoft Copilot in Dynamics 365 Field Service

Field service organizations are embracing next-gen AI for faster, more responsive service, driving revenue and efficiency while enhancing customer satisfaction for service managers, technicians, and customers alike. Microsoft Copilot in D365 Field Service leverages next-gen AI, automating work order management and optimizing scheduling through data-driven recommendations Copilot extends its capabilities to search other Microsoft Dataverse records, ensuring comprehensive support.

Fast, efficient service, it’s what everybody wants. And today’s field service organizations are answering the call by adopting next-generation AI technologies that can help them be more flexible and responsive to customers while also driving revenue, reducing overtime, and ensuring more predictable arrival and completion times. Service managers, field technicians, and customers all benefit.

“Dynamics 365 Field Service has catalyzed a shift towards smarter, more efficient field services management. With the integration of Microsoft Copilot into Dynamics 365 Field Service, service organizations are now more equipped to consistently exceed customer expectations and build long-lasting relationships at every point of interaction.”.

We’re excited to be sharing all the ways you can use Copilot Studio with Copilot in Dynamics 365 Field Service to extend AI capabilities that can help make your field service organization more efficient, productive, and responsive to customers.... Read More

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New ‘ExecutionMetrics’ event in Azure Log Analytics for Power BI Semantic Models

Power BI integrates with Azure Log Analytics for detailed analysis of semantic model activities, including capacity issues and query optimization. 'ExecutionMetrics' offers key metrics for swift identification of affected models and users with KQL queries. Identifying the root cause for capacity throttling by determining the specific query, user, report, or visual responsible.

Community - The Power BI Customer Service and Support (CSS) team have released a great new open-source Power BI report template for Log Analytics. This template leverages the ‘ExecutionMetrics’ events, along with various analytical insights garnered from years of assisting clients in diagnosing and solving issues with their semantic models. Learn more about this template.

To enhance customer comprehension about the activities of the semantic model, a new event called ‘ExecutionMetrics’ is now generated for each Discover, Command, and Query request.

Learn more about Log Analytics and the ‘ExecutionMetrics’ event at our documentation........ Read More

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Embed workflows in your Power BI Reports with Power Automate Visual, now Generally Available

Exciting news! The Power Automate visual in Power BI is now generally available. It lets users run automated flows directly within their reports, streamlining workflows without switching tools. Flows can adapt dynamically based on user filters. We've also added improvements like easy environment changes and new templates to jumpstart workflow creation.

The Power Automate visual is a game-changer for end-users, as it allows them to seamlessly run automated flows directly within their Power BI reports. With the Power Automate visual, users can trigger flows by simply clicking a button right within their report, without the need to switch between tools. What’s more, the executed flow can be contextual, adapting dynamically based on the filters set by the end-user. This makes it a powerful tool for context-aware automation, allowing users to customize the flow to respond to specific data conditions.

This has been a popular feature and we have made some improvements based on your feedback, including the ability to easily change environments while building flows and new templates to kickstart your workflow creation journey directly from Power BI.

To get started with the Power Automate visual, simply select the Power Automate icon from the Visualizations pane or add the visual from the ribbon. Once added, the visual appears on your current report page, you can easily change your environment from the visual.

This feature is now available in both Power BI Desktop and the Power BI Service. However, it is currently not available in the sovereign cloud, but it will be coming soon.... Read More

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Microsoft and LinkedIn's Exploration of AI in the Modern Workplace

In just one-year, generative AI has surged to become a key player in technology, reshaping how digital tools are used in workplaces. However, as its influence spreads across industries, a critical question arises: Is generative AI meeting the lofty expectations placed upon it? This inquiry becomes more pressing as businesses pivot towards AI solutions, relying on concrete returns on investment to justify their adoption.

As AI becomes ubiquitous in the workplace, employees and businesses alike are under extreme pressure. The pace and intensity of work, which accelerated during the pandemic, has not eased, so employees are bringing their own AI to work. Leaders agree AI is a business imperative — and feel the pressure to show immediate ROI — but many lack a plan and vision to go from individual impact to applying AI to drive the bottom line.

Employees want AI at work — and won’t wait for companies to catch up.

Three in four knowledge workers (75%) now use AI at work. Employees, overwhelmed and under duress, say AI saves time, boosts creativity and allows them to focus on their most important work. While 79% of leaders agree AI adoption is critical to remain competitive, 59% worry about quantifying the productivity gains of AI and 60% worry their company lacks a vision and plan to implement it. While leaders feel the pressure to turn individual productivity gains into organizational impact, employees aren’t waiting to reap the benefits: 78% of AI users are bringing their own AI tools to work. The opportunity for every leader is to channel this momentum into ROI.

For employees, AI raises the bar and breaks the career ceiling.

And professionals are looking. Forty-six percent across the globe are considering quitting in the year ahead — an all-time high since the Great Reshuffle of 2021 — a separate LinkedIn study found U.S. numbers to be even higher with 85% eyeing career moves. While two-thirds of leaders wouldn’t hire someone without AI skills, only 39% of users have received AI training from their company. So, professionals are skilling up on their own. As of late last year, we’ve seen a 142x increase in LinkedIn members adding AI skills like Copilot and ChatGPT to their profiles and a 160% increase in non-technical professionals using LinkedIn Learning courses to build their AI aptitude.

And for all the blogs, videos and assets related to today’s announcements, please visit.... Read More

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