• Displaying Calendar View in Power Apps Portal

    Initially, in the power apps page, click on portal management app.

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  • Auditing in Dynamics 365

    Auditing in Dynamics 365 is a powerful feature that allows tracking of changes made on CRM data. For example, if a user changes a field value then the Auditing feature tracks details such as the old field value, new field value, who and when was the field value changed. By having these details handy, organizations can make their staff more accountable and diligent.

    When Auditing can be used:

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  • Email Attachments to SharePoint

    Email Attachments to SharePoint is a Dynamics 365 Addon built specifically to address the need of customers who want to fetch all email attachments of an entity record and selectively store them in SharePoint. Currently, there is no such out-of-the-box functionality in Dynamics 365, so customers are relying heavily on this addon to address their business needs.

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  • Power Automate UI Flows

    Power Automate UI flows are used to automate the repetitive tasks in windows and web applications. The UI flows can record by using user interface actions such as clicks, keyboard input, etc., and play back further. Microsoft support RPA in the form of Power Automate UI Flows.

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  • Tax Calculation in Field Service

    Every organization must pay sales taxes to different tax authorities. Each country have their own specified set of rules and rates for collecting taxes.

    In dynamics 365 field service, sales tax setup is pre-configured that specifies how much tax will be applied to your products, agreements, and services. Sales tax will be added to the total amount of work order based upon the on work order details like work order type, service account and billing account.

    Now, let’s see how the tax calculation is scheduled in calculating the sales tax for the work order.

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  • Tax Schedule in Gravity Cloud Accounting Solution

    In general, purchasing of products, services and agreements attract applicable taxes as defined by the regional government authorities.  Dynamics 365 Field Service enables users to define Tax Codes, Tax Group on products, services and agreements which come into action while fulfilling a work order. However, the functionality is limited as Dynamics 365 Field Service does not support different tax categories which would be required to encompass a wide range of business scenarios and also it won’t allow you to trigger the Chart of Accounts while invoicing. These drawbacks could be overcome by using Gravity Cloud Accounting Solution.

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  • How to create a Power BI dashboard with Dynamics CRM data and integrate with Microsoft Teams?

    You can create Power BI dashboard only with online Dynamics CRM and not on-premise Dynamics CRM.

    Below is the detailed process of creating a Power BI dashboard with sample Time Posting report and integrating with Teams.

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  • What is Microsoft Dataflex and Microsoft Dataflex Pro?

    In the recently concluded Microsoft Inspire 2020 event, Microsoft Corporation has announced some key updates pertaining to Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365, Power Platform, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams. Of which, it is worth discussing about the announcement of Microsoft Dataflex for Microsoft Teams and rebranding Common Data Service (CDS) as Microsoft Dataflex Pro.

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  • Microsoft Teams Integration to Dynamics 365

    Below is the detailed procedure for integrating Microsoft Teams with Dynamics 365.

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  • AI bot capabilities in Teams Dynamics 365 App

    The AI bot in Dynamics 365 app helps users to use Dynamics 365 right from Teams application. As a result, users can get information about contacts, accounts, leads and opportunities readily inside Teams application.

    Let us see how it’s done.

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