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Manage resources and jobs efficiently, track accurate billable hours and expenses, get deep business insights with real-time intuitive dashboards.



Time and Material Billing (T&M) is an enterprise-grade solution built on Dynamics 365 to offer capabilities such as resource and job management, time tracking and expenses for accurate billing, intuitive dashboards and reports for business analysis, financials and accounting for seamless business, and human capital management for streamlining the resources.

Time and Material Billing is easily accessible from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets making your mobile workforce more productive and efficient than before.

Advanced Features in Time and Material Billing:

Job/Job Task Templates:

Job/Job Task Templates help in creating jobs and job tasks quickly. You can always save a newly created job or job task template for reuse in future.

Time Postings:

Time Postings is an important feature of T&M which allows resources to record the time they’ve spent on a particular job/job task(s), expenses, issues, percentage completed and comments. Respective resource managers will be notified about the time posted by their resources and will invite an appropriate action by them. The entire arrangement leads to capturing of accurate billable hours which can be invoiced to the client.

Gantt Chart + Scheduler:

Gantt + Scheduler is a third-party tool embedded in Time and Billing module to help Top Management, Managers and other decision makers get an overview of the details of the job tasks, associated resources, percentage completion for increasing operational efficiency and resource utilization.

Gantt + Scheduler also enables you to add/edit tasks and attributes, assign/de-assign resources, and schedule/re-schedule tasks with drag and drop functionality. You can also track the percentage completion of job tasks using the Gantt + Scheduler. Lastly, it serves as a Dashboard at one glance.

Billing Types:

Time and Material Billing supports different billing types as per the customer’s business requirements. Broadly they can be classified as:

  • Time and Materials
  • Fixed Price (Completion of Contract)
  • Fixed Price (Percentage Completion)
  • Milestone
  • Cost Plus
  • Internal Use.

Task Board:

Manage all your tasks in a single board display. You get information such as:

  • Task Not Started
  • Task pending
  • Task in Progress
  • Task Done
  • Task Inactive
  • Task Completed and .
  • Task Stopped

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