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Podcast : Cari Corozza on Dynamics 365 Business Central 2021 release wave 1

Technology: Dynamics 365

Event Date : 08/04/2021

Duration : 23hr:45m

Accountants have plenty to look forward to in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central's 2021 release wave 1. Learn how Cari Corozza of New View Strategies, has been investigating the finance-related features, how she expect's New View's clients to adopt the latest updates, and how others in the community have responded.

Podcast : Expert advice for navigating rapid changes in retail

Technology: Dynamics 365

Event Date : 12/01/2021

Duration : 38m:07s

With the explosive growth of e-commerce over the past year, retailers in all industries are getting a crash course in rapid adaptation. Hear how e-commerce trends and challenges have impacted retailers at every level, from product fulfillment to forecasting.

Podcast : Hear expert insights on a viable path to transform finance

Technology: Dynamics 365

Event Date : 09/02/2021

Duration : 34m:34s

Listen to Finance Transformation That Lasts as Gemma Milne hosts a conversation with John Munnelly, the Global Microsoft Business Applications Lead responsible for cloud implementation services at KPMG Australia.

Podcast : Hear expert insights on bolstering finance teams with technology

Technology: Dynamics 365

Event Date : 16/02/2021

Duration : 25m:59s

Finance leaders have been up against significant challenges in the last year as they navigate a changing environment. Learn how thoughtful investments in technology can move your team and organization toward a more efficient finance strategy.

Podcast : Hear expert insights on forecasting demand

Technology: Dynamics 365

Event Date : 15/12/2020

Duration : 38m:11s

Listen to the episode Forecasting in Uncertain Times with Ariane Daguin, CEO of D’Artagnan, who returns to discuss what she’s learned since last June as she’s pivoted her business. When many of her B2B customers had to close temporarily in 2020, she added direct to consumer sales.

Podcast : Hear expert insights on responding to new cyber threats

Technology: Dynamics 365

Event Date : 27/01/2021

Duration : 34m:10s

Find out how to better protect your organization from the uptick in security risks that may go along with adopting new digital tools, processes, and connections—and respond quickly if a data breach does occur.

Podcast : Hear insights on planning operations based on customer journeys

Technology: Dynamics 365

Event Date : 09/03/2021

Duration : 32m:15s

Many companies are focusing more on the customer journey to shape and expand their business. Learn how to rethink your operating model to place the customer experience at its center.

Podcast : Improve customer experiences with chatbots and automation

Technology: Power Virtual Agent

Event Date : 19/01/2021

Duration : 34m:12s

In this episode of the Connected & Ready podcast titled "Chatbots’ role in the customer experience," you’ll learn how to handle your customers’ increasing demand and stand out above the competition through the help of chatbots and AI automation.

Podcast : Overcome new B2B challenges and prepare for what’s next

Technology: Dynamics 365

Event Date : 02/03/2021

Duration : 33m:33s

In the episode Add to Cart—Modernizing B2B Customer Experience, explore what’s driving the growth of digital commerce in the B2B space—and what that means for your business—with IDC’s Research Manager, Jordan Jewell.

Podcast : Preparing For Your Supply Chain’s “Next Normal”

Technology: Dynamics 365

Event Date : 02/02/2021

Duration : 34m:33s

From technology investment to company culture, small and medium-sized businesses often need a different approach than their enterprise-sized counterparts. Laurie McCabe, co-founder and partner at SMB Group, joins host Gemma Milne to talk about the unique strengths and opportunities for SMBs, how growth can create its own unique set of challenges, and how SMBs can prepare for the future.

Podcast : Reshaping the office for a hybrid workforce

Technology: Dynamics 365

Event Date :

Duration : 00:00

In this episode of Connected & Ready, host Gemma Milne is joined by Dan Montroy and Steven Andersen, principals at Montroy Andersen DeMarco Group, Inc. (MADGI), an interior design firm focused on the design of complex spaces, to talk about how the shift to more remote work impacts the design of office environments, key technologies they think the best support modern office spaces, and how business leaders can think differently about their workspaces.