MTC’s Step-By-Step Quality Assurance Plan

MTC Software Quality Assurance Testing Methodology is based on the following steps

  1. Identify Test Cases
  2. Identify Sample Inputs
  3. Identify Test Results and Outputs
  4. Define Test Procedure
  5. Define Test Boundary
  6. Define Modules to be tested
  7. Execute Test Case for Module 1
  8. Verify Results
  9. Repeat steps 5-8 for other modules
  10. Repeat steps 7 and 8 for regression

MTC QA & QC Process

Quality Assurance (QA) Plan

Following is the consolidated QA Plan followed by MTC to assure maximum quality in product(s)/project(s).

Phase   Activity Document / Activity in charge
Contract Sign-off Complete the contract formalities Account Manager
Review contract check list
Sign off contract check list
User Requirements Study User requirement collection MTC PM, Technical, Design and Testing Leads
Requirement validation check list
Requirement analysis check list
Prepare requirement specification document
Review requirement specification document
Sign off requirement specification document Client PM
Architectural Architectural design MTC PM, Technical, Design and Testing Leads
Architectural design review check list
Sign off architectural design review check list
Detailed Design Prepare Technical Specification Document (TSD) Technical and Design Leads
Sign off TSD
Development Module / Unit programming Developer
Unit testing
Sign off unit testing Technical and Testing Lead
Integration Testing Prepare integration test plan Technical and Testing Leads
Integration test environment setup Technical Architect
Integration testing Developer
Record integration test results
Integration testing check list
Integration testing sign off Project Manager
UAT Prepare UAT Plan MTC PM, Technical and Testing Leads
Review UAT Plan Client PM
Perform UAT Client PM, Technical and Testing Lead
Record UAT results Design Lead
Improvements according UAT Developer
Delivery Prepare all required manuals Technical, Design and Testing Leads / Technical Writer
Complete traceability matrix Technical, Design and Testing Lead, MTC PM
Project sign off by customer Client PM
Warranty Period Going live
Bug report Application Maintenance and Support Team
Bug fixing
Maintenance Application Maintenance and Support Processed

Defect Management & Tracking Tool

This tool helps to track defect / issues to trace all the defects & issues while completing the work items. The below diagram illustrates the defect management & tracking procedures:

Change Management Procedure