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CoffeeSender for Microsoft Dynamics CRM leverages the functions of CRM with top retail brands to deliver appreciation-based promotional gifts by email, instantly. Available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, 2013, 2015, and Microsoft CRM Online and Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, CoffeeSender is a FREE instantly downloadable and installable add-in.

CoffeeSender makes it easy to send a coffee ($5 eGift Card) to any prospect, client, partner, or business contact instantly. The recipient receives a custom email and the $5 eGift Card redeemable at any Starbucks*. (Caribou Coffee, Panera Bread, and many more popular shops coming soon).

Simply setup the add-in and then you’ll see a ‘Send Coffee’ button allowing you to send coffee to a single Contact/Lead or a group within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

CoffeeSender works in Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the familiar environments that CRM users in sales and marketing roles use every day. From an open CRM Lead or Contact record, simply select the “Send Coffee” menu item, located in the top or extended menus. CoffeeSender is a creative new marketing strategy to improve client base and attract new leads and existing customers.
From standard or custom CRM views of Contacts, Leads, Advanced Find and Marketing Lists select any records in bulk and invoke the same “Send Coffee” menu. Use Dynamics CRM’s Email Template standard capability to create sophisticated email messages in stored templates that are ready to call up, edit and send to single or bulk records.

Send single or bulk or marketing-campaign promotional gift certificates of instantly redeemable brand-name coffee and retail product
CoffeeSender for Microsoft CRM is as Easy as 1, 2, 3…

*Free cup of coffee with installation to CRM on Promo code: CRM1

Step 1: Select 1 or thousands of Contacts Send to Microsoft Leads, Contacts, and Marketing Lists to 1 or thousands. Select one to thousands of records in the familiar Microsoft Dynamics CRM views in Leads, Contacts, Marketing mLists, or Advanced Find and then simply select “Send Coffee” from the CRM menus.

Step 2: Select a CRM Template and/or personalize on-the-fly Use standardized CRM or marketing Template for your controlled message or Campaign or personalize the message, offer, or gift on-the- fly!

Step 3: And that’s it! Sales or marketing is making customers happy just that easy …

Who uses and why… Coffee Sender
  • Use first name and company names automatically merged within your “popular-gift” promotional emails.
  • Sales and Business Development Reps can be personable and memorable.
  • Send a coffee to prospects, customers or partners.
  • Recruiters sending coffee helps you build rapport, standout and jumpstart conversations.
  • Account Managers keep customers smiling. Sending coffee is a great touch point anytime.
  • Agencies easily send coffee to clients. Keep your agency top of mind for new business.
  • Real Estate agents perfect way to stay in touch with your contacts. Great for simple ‘thank you’ gifts.
  • HR Managers great employee perk. Enable managers and team leads to send coffees internally.
  • Pay-As-You-Go Pricing No contracts or lock-ins. Use CoffeeSender whenever and only pay per coffee you send.
  • Redeemable at 10,000+ Locations when you ‘send a coffee’ the app creates & sends a $5 eGift Card.
  • Dashboard and Activity Feed track coffees sent and accepted in real-time from a dashboard.

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