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Timely Customer specific alerts are valuable.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM native functionality does not provide configurable business notifications or ad-hoc alerts. MTC Alerts add-on enables users to create and maintain alerts so end-users get notified immediately on opening the customer record.

Key Features
  • Alerts are configurable to work with all CRM record types including custom entities
  • Users can create, maintain multiple alerts
  • Alerts can be added in bulk to CRM records based on a criteria
  • Alert types (informational, warning and critical) with colour coded images help to differentiate and determine the significance
  • Optional alert expiration date, in-form notification and pop up features.
  • Deactivated alerts can provide alert history and can be reactivated as needed acting like templates.
  • Add-on is optimised to give better performance
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Version 2011 and later
Configurable, Supports all entities
Sales, Service and Marketing
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Other information
  • MTC Product licensing cost includes one year maintenance and usage of the add-on at no extra charge for maximum 2 non-production instances of CRM for the purposes of Development, Staging or Testing. Provide these additional CRM Organization names by email to
  • First one year maintenance support includes live web based one hour of Installation. Technical support (Monday to Friday, 24/5) via e-mail and the web.
  • Annual maintenance renewal cost will be 25% of the product cost for future editions, upgrades, and technical support.
  • Partner NFR program, OEM, and custom development available from MTC to support unique needs
MTC's CRM product licensing includes at no-charge a maximum of 2 non-production instance of CRM for the purposes of Development and Staging/Test. Provide these additional CRM Organization names by email to
Trial or production license request:
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