This CRM add-in to Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM and CRM Online platforms adds the simple ability to Print-to-PDF...

Report To PDF
For Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Maintains set date range criteria and easy ability to produce the document more than one way at a time including printing - eliminating a Ribbon button. Add Report-to-PDF to your CRM implementation processes easily for a 15-day trail and take the save-time challenge. Ask MTC to build something best for you with the Report-to-PDF Microsoft Dynamics CRM Managed Solution

Report to PDF is one building block to a CRM process that saves time.
Feature Set
  • Open any CRM report document as a PDF and place or communicate in the way you want
  • PDF Saved to disk from Browse
  • PDF To a CRM email record as an "Attachment"
  • PDF Emailed with your template choice
  • Even to Microsoft Office Excel
User Experiences
  • Store reports, Quotes, Orders, Invoices or other documents in the pdf format on local or network drives
  • Email documents to complete transactions, give instructions, provide periodic statements

1st year maintenance included with email-based or Live Web Installation and Use support. Annual 25% maintenance for future feature editions, upgrades, and support.

Partner NFR program, OEM, and custom development available from MTC to support unique needs

Report To PDF ScreenshotsReport To PDF ScreenshotsReport To PDF ScreenshotsReport To PDF Screenshots
Pricing & Ordering


Base per CRM Organization


Per CRM Licenced/Enabled User

Download and License
Trial or production license request:
License Email Sales Help
Note - Unzip Downloaded file before upload to CRM
Full info - Company email signature pane identifying requester and company is required to receive license
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MTC's CRM product licensing includes at no-charge a maximum of 2 non-production instance of CRM for the purposes of Development and Staging/Test. Provide these additional CRM Organization names by email to


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