MTC Alerts - notification appears as soon as the record is accessed, assuring that the information is relayed to users immediately.


Timely Customer specific alerts are valuable.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM native functionality does not provide configurable business notifications or ad-hoc alerts. MTC Alerts add-on enables users to create and maintain alerts so end-users get notified immediately on opening the customer record.

Key Features

  • Alerts are configurable to work with all CRM record types including custom entities
  • Users can create, maintain multiple alerts
  • Alerts can be added in bulk to CRM records based on a criteria
  • Alert types (informational, warning and critical) with colour coded images help to differentiate and determine the significance
  • Optional alert expiration date, in-form notification and pop up features.
  • Deactivated alerts can provide alert history and can be reactivated as needed acting like templates.
  • Add-on is optimised to give better performance
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Version 2011 and later
Configurable, Supports all entities
Sales, Service and Marketing


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Other information

  • MTC Product licensing cost includes one year maintenance and usage of the add-on at no extra charge for maximum 2 non-production instances of CRM for the purposes of Development, Staging or Testing. Provide these additional CRM Organization names by email to
  • First one year maintenance support includes live web based one hour of Installation. Technical support (Monday to Friday, 24/5) via e-mail and the web.
  • Annual maintenance renewal cost will be 25% of the product cost for future editions, upgrades, and technical support.
  • Partner NFR program, OEM, and custom development available from MTC to support unique needs


Pricing & Ordering

  • $249.00

    Base per CRM Organization


    Per CRM Licenced/Enabled User

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MTC's CRM product licensing includes at no-charge a maximum of 2 non-production instance of CRM for the purposes of Development and Staging/Test. Provide these additional CRM Organization names by email to