Super Grid

Super Grid Works by adding a Silverlight graphical UI “overlay”, to CRM standard or custom Views and works with all field types..


Super Grid for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an industrial-strength add-on for administrators looking to speed up and simplify the process of Data Entry to any View and Sub-Grid Entity. It enables CRM Users to edit down a column like in excel with utmost ease. Super Grid also provides an option to add custom grids to dashboard and forms. Super Grid is compatible with CRM 2016 and below versions.

Super Grid Works by adding a HTML graphical UI “overlay”, to CRM standard or custom Views and works with all field types, all CRM Views including sub-grids standard and custom. The settings area allows for easy complete grid implementation Entity Administration and Enhanced Scripting and Security above Role compliance - and allows easy configuration control. Super Grid is an example of the unique technologies MTC applies to custom solution development.

Super Grid makes volume record entry & editing a snap! Edit Any View/Grid with Enhanced Microsoft CRM security.

Feature Set

Easy intuitive In-place Editing Auto Save or Ondemand Save, View Search and Paging Enabled and works with all Ribbon buttons. Add and edit records faster than ever before for an instant gain in productivity! Use anywhere in CRM. Add continuous new records without opening any sub-windows or forms.

Edit all data in any set without ever leaving the grid, even down a column of records- as with Excel, to maximize data handling speed. Data accuracy improves by the ease of data correction - encouraging data error maintenance in all levels of the company, which is a big return for your investment in Super Grid. The significant improvement in the efficiency of adding and editing records results in greater data sets being included in CRM resulting in more marketing reach, improved sales.

Super Grid is an example of the unique technologies MTC applies to custom solution development.

The latest solution comes with

  • Better Performance/Speed and a rich UI which makes the user interaction much comfortable and is cross browser compatible. Single click to edit to reduce the number of click. Memo fields can are expandable for full-content editing.
  • Supports 1: N relations and field mappings for 1: N relationship. Add custom fields /columns or remove existing columns on the fly.
  • Scripts can be written on various events like On Refresh, On Edit, On Selection change, on page change and On Initializations etc. apart from the traditional events like on load, on save, on change, on add row and on save completed.
  • Option to add footer for aggregates (configurable from settings Area). Ability to add custom Editable grids to dashboard and forms as per the user requirement which also supports custom scripts (configurable from custom grid settings Area).

Global Grid Admin & Scripting

  • Once installed in CRM Super Grid Settings is quick and easy to add and configure, adjust any Entity Views or Sub-Grids.
  • Above CRM’s full security compliance Settings, controls to add Read-Only Fields, Restricted Views, and Filter Look-Ups.
  • Super Grid adds a new layer of control of your data UI. CRM Forms and fields have scripting but the data record in the grid is not in a form, so Super Grid includes intuitive tools to script as if on the form and with added flexibility.

User Experiences

  • Sales Administration will be delighted with the new ease of creating, and refining through in-grid editing, data sets they use in handling of quotes, orders, invoices, leads, products, and other high-volume work functions.
  • The Marketing team will wonder how they ever added and manipulated all the records of data they constantly need to update without Super Grid. Building new and accurate data sets now becomes a snap!
  • The Accounting staff will appreciate the familiarity now brought to the Customer Relationship Management xRM solution with the 10-key movement controls they are so used to and expect in their job.
  • C-Level Managers will appreciate the enhanced user control of CRM data now afforded them as more appropriate, comfortable, and efficient for their periodic updating needs.

1st year maintenance included with Email-Based Or Live Web-Based Installation, User Support and One Hour of 24/5 Implementation Support. 25% Annual Maintenance Fee for future feature editions, upgrades and support.

OEM and custom development available from MTC to support unique needs


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Pricing & Ordering

  • $1000.00

    Base per CRM Organization


    Per CRM Licenced/Enabled User

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