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Time and Billing for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online or On-Premise is a flexible enhancement that starts by allowing you to..


Time and Billing for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online or On-Premise is a flexible enhancement that starts by allowing you to dollarize yours resources flexibly with CRM Users and Contacts. Manage their burdened-able cost and selling amounts they generate automatically. Designed for user-easy time tracking flexibly, to close the loop on all time, cost, and revenue. As your Resourcestime is tracked in CRM Activities to Jobs or Cases, cost and revenue accumulate. T&B s Pre-Bill editor allows easy Account Activity line-item approval management. Completing your business cycle is Billing Generator production ease with final managed Invoice or Statement oversight for the best customer image and billing professionalism.

  • Execute a set series of Activities for a single CRM Product referenced Template in order management. Real-time status of resources is available.
  • The Pre-Bill Editor allows easily managed overview of billing to clients through invoices and statements of billed time. Strong controls on an easy UI.
  • For customer satisfaction and continuous improvement, staff comments, billing notes, non-bill time in CRM Activities is collected to trigger workflows.
  • Finally performing basic accounting for billing, payments, retainers, and balances, and performing statement generation on-demand or as scheduled.

What Time and Billing Adds to Microsoft Dynamics CRM ...

Time and Billing gives you a simple efficient way to track and bill time.

Resource Costing and Revenue Flexibility make Billing Easy Build Resources from CRM Users or Contacts with costs, revenue basis, skills.

Accurate costing, revenue projections, and resource matching across all the Activities you want to bill and cost control in your business. Your CRM Users for Internal Resources and Contacts for your External Resources. Resources have skill Level matching Fast load utility from your CRM Users.

Now your Resources used in CRM Activities generate cost and revenue as you use CRM Web, Outlook, or Mobile and managing billing is practically automatic.

Time and Billing Free trial plus unlimited installation support and custom development available
Instant Service Job and Case Cost and Revenue Dashboards

Utilizing CRM Dashboard capability, Time and Billing displays your processes, resources, Activity and Case costs, and revenue automatically on set-up for intuitive business management from day one of use. Time and Billing functionality data charts throughout the CRM user interface of your service and support practice encourage fast implementation and short ROI.
Instantly get a picture of your business to manage customer satisfaction through Job and Case performance visibility.

Time Collection Tools Capture 100% of Your Resources TimeStarting with above best practice repeatability in Activities for who, what, cost and revenue, must be tracked as exact as you want you are billing to be. "Time is Money". Time collection tools that are both intuitive and simply while assuring accuracy in collecting every billable resource Activity moment boosts revenue.
All Activities either real - time posted in live-time Activities, or as Activities Start/Stop. ActivityTimer available in all Activities tracks actual durations OR set fixed Rate time from certain Activities, i.e. Template Emails. Time Post is a dedicated User or Admin Activity Post screen readily available on the CRM Ribbon for all Client types and allows easy

Manage Your Professional Services Business by the Numbers while you work. Billing Information: Selecting from the Account revenue settings and Product pricing.
Resource Control List: Manage who can post, and control and reference lots of diverse Resources in a single long-running Appointment or Task.
Real-Time Status Posting: Now CRM can show you what all your Resources are doing Live.
Unlimited Multi-Posting Entry: Any controlled resource can post as often as they wish, starting stopping, break time, and non-bill time.
Real-Time Digital Time Tracking Option: ActivityTimer Digital time controller allows manual, fixed, controlled time automatically.

Time to Amount Billed, Owed, Balance, Date Status FieldsAccount billing information fields add Amounts for Un-billed, Un-paid, Retainer, and Billed-to date total for Account and dates for Last Billing, Next Billing, as well as Billing Days Frequency increment to automatically bill. Tie in credit card processing.

Time and Billing Enterprise Solution Value...MTC offers a selection of technologies that directly complement Time and Billing for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and On-Premise solutions. From Activity Timing digital time-keeping, and Report-to-PDF document handling, and improved User-Interface technology for in-place editing and improved user efficiency, to low-cost integrated Document Management, and marketing and sales contact quality control and lead acquisition, to full CRM Customer Web Portal and back office account.
Only MTC backs all its Microsoft CRM Managed Solution products with enterprise comprehensive product depth and 24/5 Low-Cost, Fixed-Rate customizations to craft Your Business integration solution affordably implemented and supported long-term.

Your CRM Service Cases Collect Costs and Bill Your Clients

Never Miss an Expense in Job Costing or Billing!
  • Enter a Case name. Select Customer from Look. Select Subject from the list: "Default Subject", "Query", or "Service"
  • Select from drop down for Case Type, Case Origin, and Satisfaction. Select Billing type from drop down list.
  • Click "to save. Click on Case Resources on the left panel and add new resources this cases just like Job tasks.
  • Click on Time posting tab just below the case resources and enter time posting

License issued by Organization to match number of CRM License enabled Users.1st year maintenance is included with email-based or Live Web installation and trouble-shooting.



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