Sales Product Editor

Entry-Level Staff adapt very quickly to the simple single screen with in-place editing and flow from start to finish..


Sales Product Editor for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and CRM Online is the Opportunity-to-Invoice order management CRM Product form editor Solution add-in that improves business performance.

This single-screen-view CRM process reduces and eliminates standard CRM mouse movement, pop-up windows, and redundant key-strokes during creation and modification edits of order process records ... yielding dramatic process improvement.

Sales Product Editor provides a highly efficient single-screen-easy CRM order flow process.The Sales Product Editors Settings function allows easy configuring order process Forms and placement of the CRM

Product editor grid precisely in position amongst CRM order process standard and custom fields your business utilizes both in and outside the actual grid for very efficient process design. The editable grid works with all standard CRM Product field types with-in each CRM Entity from Opportunity to Invoice. CRM Security Role Settings allow configuration of users record addition or editing privilege.

Because Sales Product Editor is from MTC, the global leader in low-cost, rapid-response Microsoft CRM customization for Partners and CRM end-users alike, custom process scripts and CRM Workflows could be applied to create significant order management process automation. Common customizations include automatic Price List selection, Product Look-up filtering, up-sell suggestion alerting, and essentially anything your business needs to be most efficient in the CRM order management process.

Feature Set

  • Add and edit records faster than ever before for an instant gain in productivity!
  • Multiple new Product records can now be added without opening any new sub-windows or forms and edited without ever leaving the grid to substantially reduce data entry time. Data accuracy is improved by the ease of data correction thereby encouraging data error maintenance in all levels of the company which improves the company image.
  • Data formatting quality and uniformity greatly enhanced by the ability to audit and edit on-the-fly so easily improves marketing efforts and CRM User appreciation.
  • The significant improvement in the efficiency of adding and editing records results in greater data sets being included in CRM resulting in more marketing reach.
  • Building custom CRM data entry and edit grid capability opens new CRM function opportunities well beyond all the standard CRM Entities to whole new ways of addressing unique business issues building ROI to the CRM investment itself.

Handle Large Existing Product Catalogs with Filtering:
Do you have a large choice of products that consumes time just searching the correct items to add to your orders?

User Experiences

  • Entry-Level Staff adapt very quickly to the simple single screen with in-place editing and flow from start to finish in all CRM transaction order and operations management processes.
  • Customer Service Staff can now easily be integrated to interact with the Sales Process tied more closely to the customer satisfaction support and services delivery functions.
  • Sales Administration will be delighted with the new ease of creating, and refining order-management documents Opportunities, Quotes, Orders, Invoices.
  • Sales Staff appreciates the significant improvement and simplification of creating, iterating, correcting, and managing the order process.
  • Sales Management appreciates the ability to assure a process of the highest efficiency, performance, and security.
  • Marketing Management that will expose the ability to more easily build data sets in all areas of CRM for market Analysis.
  • The CEO might like to take credit for such an effective fix or credit those that made it happen.
  • The entire company benefits from the enhanced productivity of the sales department when Sales Product Editor increases efficiency.

Handle Required Fields Automatically: Do you wish you were not to select the "Price List" on every product look-up?

OEM and custom development available from MTC to support unique needs


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Pricing & Ordering

  • $700.00

    Base per CRM Organization


    Per CRM Licenced/Enabled User

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