Power Apps Portals Per Login

In this licensing model, users are charged based on the number of logins. A login provides the authenticated user with access to a single portal for up to 24 hours. Multiple logins during the 24-hour period count as 1 billable login.



For Power Apps Portals instances that implement authenticated external user scenarios, appropriate login capacity, based on anticipated usage volumes, should be purchased. Customers should purchase necessary capacity of logins across all Portals instances that cater to authenticated external user scenarios.

SKU Names Unit Capacity Min Purchase Monthly Volume Launch Channel
PowerApps Portals login capacity add-on

PowerApps Portals login capacity add-on tier-2
100 Logins/month 1 100 logins Oct-19 All
10 1000 logins Dec-19 All
PowerApps Portals login capacity add-on tier-3 50 5,000 logins Dec-19 CSP only

End user type Description Use case examples
External user (authenticated) Obtains secure access to personalized data by utilizing authentication mechanisms such as Azure AD, LinkedIn, Okta, etc.
  • B2B - Partner management (Dealer, Supplier, Franchise etc.)
  • B2C – Account management etc.
Anonymous user Access publicly viewable web pages powered by the portal Knowledge management sites
Internal user A user licensed with Power Apps or Dynamics 365 Employee self-serve

Each unit provides 100 logins/month. Volume tiers and corresponding SKUs differ based on minimum purchase requirements. For each of the tiers, once the minimum purchase requirement is met, additional units can be purchased in units of 1.

For example, a customer requiring 5,500 logins/month can purchase 55 units of “Power Apps Portals login capacity add-on tier-3”

Capacity enforcement

For Power Apps Portals login capacity add-on SKUs, purchased capacity is enforced monthly. Unused logins do NOT carry over from one month to another. Customers should purchase appropriate capacity aligned with peak monthly anticipated usage.

Overage handling

While occasional and reasonable overages will be tolerated, customers exceeding purchased capacity should adjust their purchase quantity per standard Microsoft terms to remain in compliance.

Assignment of purchased capacity

The minimum assignment capacity per Power Apps Portal instance is 100 logins/month. Once the minimum capacity of 100 logins/month is assigned, additional logins can be added in terms of 1 login.

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