Expense Manager

This CRM add-in to Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM and CRM Online platforms adds expense tracking, approval, and...


Tie expenses to CRM Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Activities, Projects in ConsultPro. Custom add to any existing or custom CRM Entity. Collect expenses to Project Specific or General Business Accounting (integrated with Accounts) This Managed Solution is available conveniently as a standalone expense tracking CRM add-in, a component of MTC's Time and Billing or ConsultPro enterprise solutions, or custom to suite your needs.

ActivityTimer ...
See how accurate time tracking and reporting will improve your CRM operations.

Feature Set

  • CRM Roles compliance allows control of Users that can "Post" expense
  • Attachments, attach copied of the bill or invoice the expense is about
  • Approval process controlled Role security in management of expense review
  • Flexible Expense category Entity allows creating specific expense categories based on multiple fields
  • Tie Expenses to CRM Activities. In MTC's Time and Billing tie them to Projects of Templates of Activities
  • Trigger your Dynamics CRM Workflows from Expense records to manage your unique processes
  • Complete compliance to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK. Regularly updated by MTC to Microsoft releases.
  • All CRM 2011 Modes supported: On-Premises, Internet Facing Deployment (IFD), Microsoft CRM online, Hosted
  • Expense Tracking implementable across all Microsoft standard CRM global Language and Currency functionality

Expense Manager...
Easily track client-related expenses in the familiar Microsoft CRM to manage your business expenses tied with your activities.

CRM ribbon made easy to handle expense - Attach File, Submit, Approve, Reject, and Reimburse.Expense Class - Categorized for Project Specific Expense or General Business Accounting

Project Specific - Travel, Lunch/Dinner, Mileage, car rental, shipping, etc. - will be part of Project or Account specific accounts

General Business Accounting - to Differentiate Rent, Electricity, Internet, Cleaning crew - All are part of General Business Accounting

User Experiences

  • Standalone in CRM to add Expense tracking, approval, and reimburse incurred in your Business to your CRM.
  • Expenses can be Account/Project Specific or General Business Accounting integrated with company Accounts
  • Expense Manager is a component of MTC's "Enterprise" solution series of ala-carte business functions to add to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and is included in MTC"s entry level "Time and Billing" as well as MTC's high-end "ConsultPro" enterprise Professional Services Management system, and MTC's CRM accounting solution "Dynamics Books".

Licensed to match number of CRM Users for lowest cost. 1st year CRM-upgrade coverage, feature enhancement, and unlimited installation and configuration support. Annual support and maintenance renewal at 25%.

Partner NFR program, OEM, and custom development available from MTC to support unique n eeds



Pricing & Ordering

  • $749.00

    Base per CRM Organization


    Per CRM Licenced/Enabled User

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