Dynamics 365 Relevance Search

Unlike the categorized search which has been featuring since CRM 2015 was launched and where the search would return the results from multiple entities, Dynamics 365 Relevance Search will return the results from multiple entities and multiple fields. This ability will allow you to perform deeper filtering and get the relevant results. Relevance Search uses Azure Search and is available in Dynamics 365 Online only.

Let’s understand the difference between categorized search and relevance search through an example below.

Categorized Search

Let’s try searching the keywords “sample data” in the categorized search.

You can notice that the categorized search has returned no results.

Dynamics 365 Relevance Search

Let’s try the same with Dynamics 365 Relevance Search. Before that the moment you highlight the search, you can notice the list of previous searches as shown below.

Now enter sample data in the search box and hit the search icon.


You can notice that the relevance search has returned all such relevance results from multiple entities and fields where sample and data are featured. Relevance search breaks down the keyword and returns the results wherever the words are matching in the entity records and fields. As a result, you can do a deeper filtering such as “opportunities for electronics.”  

Azure Search used by relevance search option provides some additional query characters such as “+,” “I,” “” and (). Let’s understand these query characters with examples below.

  • Open + Opportunities will return results that contain both the keywords Open and Opportunities.
  • Open I Opportunities will return results that contain either Open or Opportunities.
  • “Open Opportunities” will return results where the records has the phrase “Open Opportunities”
  • Open + (Lead I Opportunity) will return results with the combination Open + Lead and Open + Opportunity.

Relevance Search Configuration / Setup

Go to https://admin.powerplatform.microsoft.com

Select the Environment and click Settings.

In the Setting page, Expand the Product section and click Features.

In the Features page, go to Search section and enable Relevance Search.


Relevance search is now enabled for the selected environment. Still, there is one more step before you can start using the relevance search, i.e., configuring relevance search on entities. 

Go to CRM à Advanced Settings à Customizations à Customize the System.

Select Entities from Default Solution Components. The entities home page will be displayed.

On the ribbon, you will notice Configure Relevance Search. Click on it.

A window will pop-up where you need to select the entities from Available Entities and click Add so that Relevance Search will be enabled on those entities.

If you need any further assistance on how relevance search works for your organization, feel free to drop an email to salesteam@mtccrm.com