Displaying Calendar View in Power Apps Portal

Initially, in the power apps page, click on portal management app.

Now, from the left navigation, select Entity list. For now am selecting “Entitlements” entity for displaying the calendar view.

Note: Calendar view will work only for the entities which have only start and end date fields.

Click on the entity lists, and provide the necessary details in entity list page.

Now, we will configure calendar view for this entity.

Select the Calendar View tab and provide the necessary fields.

Enabled: It indicates whether calendar view should be enabled for this entity list.

Start Date and End date Field Name: Indicates the start and end date/time of entity when rendered as an event.

Summary Field Name: Field mapping for a title of an event.

Description Field Name: This field mapping should be mapped if there is a longer description.

Organizer Field Name: This field mapping should be set to define the organizer of an event, this can be a text field or look up field to a contact entity.

Location Field Name: This field mapping should be set to define the location of an event.

Is All Day Field Name: It represents whether it should be mapped for an all-day event.


  • Full calendar (default): A full-sized calendar view will be rendered.
  • Event list: Entities will be rendered as a list of events, with a supplementary calendar navigation element.

Next, create the page template.

For the portal to render the web page as a calendar it must be done using a rewrite page and not a web template. We should create own rewrite page as it is not one out of the box.

Create a new page template and provide the name, here I have given the name as “Entitlements”.

Type: Should be selected as Rewrite. Upon selecting Rewrite type, Rewrite URL field will pop up.

Rewrite URL: The URL must be set to ‘ ~/Pages/FullPage.aspx ’ and save the changes.

Now, create the web page that will render the list as a calendar.

Here, the page template should be set which we have used the type as “Rewrite”.

Now, navigate to portal, and click on the entity you have configured calendar view.

The Below image is for the Style: Full page calendar

Note: If there are any activities associated with that entity it will display in the calendar view.

Style: Events List

In the style view, all the records which have activities will display in the list to the left side.

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