Enhancements in Dynamics 365 Customer Service Queue

Dynamics 365 Customer Service introduces enhancements in Queue that helps to organize, prioritize, and monitor the progress of your work. Queues are the containers used to store anything that needs to be completed or requires an action. By default, a queue is created for each user and team, also use this default queue to track all your work items, set up queues to reflect your organization's structure, business processes.


Go to Service Management > Queues > New. You can provide the input fields of Name (E.g. Group Calendar), Type (E.g. Private), Incoming Email (E.g. Powerportals@swighub.onmicrosoft.com). Click on Save.


It will creates the Mailbox under the name of Queue (E.g. Group Calendar) automatically.

A server side synchronization is need to be done for this Mailbox to receive the incoming mails which would create cases automatically if conditions met.

Similarly, it enables the sections of QUEUE ITEMS, MEMBERS, AUTOMATIC RECORD CREATION AND UPDATE RULES is as shown.

Adding members to Queue: The members who will work on the case related to the particular product (E.g. Group Calendar).

Click on Add Existing User button which will be redirected to the popup window of Lookup records of Users. Select the User (E.g. Test User 1) from the lookup & click on Add button.

An user would be added as member in MEMBERS section is as shown.

Automatic record Creation and Update rule:
For more information:  Automatically create and update records

Go to Service Management > Automatic Record creation and Update Rule > New. Create a Rule for your Queue (E.g. Group calendar). In Step two: conditions to evaluate and actions to take section, Click on New.

A Condition builder popup window is appeared in which conditions would be given as per your requirement (E.g. Whenever got an incoming activity equals to Email which contains data & Message ID equals to Product Enquiry, corresponding case need to be created). Click on Save.

In RECORD CREATION AND UPDATE RULES section of Group Calendar Queue, add the Rule (E.g. Demo rule for Queue) by Selecting More Commands > Add Existing Record Creation and Update Rule.

A Rule named Demo rule for Queue is added.

Working Scenario: User got an Email which conditions are met in the Automatic record Creation and Update rule (E.g. Demo rule for Queue).

It leads to Case (E.g. Product Enquiry) would be created automatically as given conditions are met.

Routing Rule sets: Routing Rule sets are used to route the Cases that are automatically created from incoming activity (E.g. email) to Queues.

Go to Service Management > Routing Rule Sets > New. A Routing Rule Set (E.g. Product Enquiry Rule for Demo) in which input field of Entity (E.g. Case) is Selected. Click on New Rule Item button.

You will be redirected to the Popup window of Rule item where criteria is given as per the user’s requirement (E.g. When case title equals to Product Enquiry, will be route to Queue named Group Calendar). Click on Save.

Queue Items: In the Queue Items section, all activities that are either routed to this queue automatically by the routing rules or the activities that are manually assigned to this queue are listed.

The case (i.e., met the Rule Criteria in Rule Item) would be routed to Queue in which it is placed in the QUEUE ITEMS section is as shown. Then, you can assign the items in the queue to appropriate agents.

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