How to Create a Power App Using Excel Data in OneDrive?

The following is a detailed process of creating a power app using excel data in OneDrive.
Create an excel file and select the option “Format as Table” from the ribbon. Then select any sample option and enter each column header as Product ID, Product Name, Product Cost and Product Owner. Save this file.

Go to OneDrive. Click Upload to upload the excel file that you have just created.

Login to Power Apps. Click Create button > Other data sources under Start from data.


Select OneDrive data source icon which redirects you to provide the login credentials of OneDrive account to connect it to Power Apps.

Select the folder in which excel file is uploaded.

Select the required excel file.

Select Table. Click on Connect button.

You will be redirected to the Power Apps application. Click on Play button.

Click on (+) button in Power Apps application to add data which would be reflected in excel file of OneDrive.

Enter the values in input fields is as shown. Click on Right mark button.

You can notice the data being updated in OneDrive excel which is connected to Power Apps.

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