Create and Manage Entitlements

In Dynamics 365 Customer Service, a user can define what kind of support that their customers are eligible for by creating the Entitlements.
Entitlements: An entitlement is the actual agreement that defines the specific support details that are provided to customer. A typical entitlement specifies the support term based on number of hours or number of cases, coverage period, supported channels, and products that are covered.
Entitlement channels:  Customers are offered with one or more channels which specifies the support levels.


You will be redirected to the page of New Entitlement where provide the input values in the fields are as follows –

17;"> section -  

  • Select Case in
  • Name: Enter the name (E.g. Entitlement for Demo).
  • Primary Customer: Choose the customer (E.g. Adventure Works Electronics) that you are creating this entitlement for.
  • Start Date: Choose the date (E.g. 24-06-2020) from which the customer will be entitled for support.
  • End Date: Choose the date (E.g. 01-07-2020) after which the customer will no longer be entitled for support.
  • Restrict based on entitlement terms: To make sure that no cases are created when entitlement term is over. Select Yes, if you want to make customer Service agent can’t create the cases by basing on Remaining Terms is less than zero. Otherwise, select No.
  • SLA: Choose a service level agreement (SLA) record (E.g. Test sla) to associate the service levels for the support you are providing with this entitlement.

In the Entitlement TermsEntity Type field.

  • Select Number of cases in Allocation Type. (you may also choose this entitlement is for Number of hours based on requirement)
  • Decrease Remaining On: If Case Resolution is selected, Remaining Terms number would be decreased when cases are resolving gradually. If Case Creation is selected, Remaining Terms number would be decreased when cases are creating/updating gradually.
  • Total Terms: Provide input value (E.g. 100, the customer is entitled to support up to 100 cases only) with respect to the Allocation Type.
  • Remaining Terms: It displays the total number of hours or cases remained for the customer’s entitlement. Here, it decreases the value every time whenever case is created or resolved.

  • Click on Save button which enables the

     Entitlement Channel: Customer can seek the support through this Entitlement Channel (E.g. you can provide the support by adding phone and email as the channels to this entitlement. Also, restrict support through the Email channel to 80 and Phone to 20, create individual entitlement channel records and add total terms.)
    In Entitlement Channel, Select ... > New Entitlement Channel.

    You will be redirected to the window of New Entitlement Channel where input values to the fields Name (E.g. Email), Total Terms (E.g. Total terms). Click on Save.

    The Email record of Entitlement channel is created is as shown. Click on Activate button.

    Click on Set As Default button which enables the Is Default check box.

    This will facilitate you that whenever case (E.g. Case for Entitlement Demo) is created from this Account (E.g. Adventure Works Electronics), the entitlement record (E.g. Entitlement for Demo) is assigned to it automatically is as shown.
    Click on + button on Navigation bar. Select Case.

    You will be redirected to the popup window of Quick Create: Case where provide the input fields of Customer (E.g. Adventure Works Electronics) & Case Title((E.g. Case for Entitlement Demo). Click on Save& Close button.

    Now, you can notice the entitlement is assigned to case automatically.

    Similarly, it leads to work the functionality of  ENTITLEMENT TERMS  i.e., decrease the number in Remaining Terms field when its associated Case (E.g. Case for Entitlement Demo) is resolved is as shown.
    Open the Case (E.g. Case for Entitlement Demo). Click on Resolve Case button which will redirects to the Popup window of New Case Resolution. Click on Save & Close button.

    Open Entitlement record (E.g. Entitlement for Demo). You can notice that number would be decreased in Remaining Terms field in ENTITLEMENT TERMS section.

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