Support for additional entities in global search

Global search helps users quickly search information across multiple record types. Users can already search across webpages and files, knowledge articles, blog and forum posts, ideas, and cases. It supports additional entities, including custom ones, helps customers extend global search to more record types for their users.
This especially helps customers derive more value from global search in Power Apps portals built from blank using starter portal template.

Go to Power Apps portal and select your Portal(E.g. CustomPortal) > more commands (…) > Settings.

Click on Site settings.

You will be redirected to the Site Settings (E.g. Active Site Settings).Click on New.

You can provide the input fields of name (E.g. Search/EnableAdditionalEntities), Value(E.g. true) in the New Site Setting window. Click on save.

Go back to Site Settings. Click on search/filter record.

In Value field, you can provide input as entity(E.g. Account) which you want to enable the global search in Power Apps portal.

Click on Site Markers > New.

You can provide the input value in name (E.g. account_SearchResultPage). Click on save.
Entity Permissions: User can provide the Entity Permissions for the Entity(E.g. Account) on which you require to enable the Global Search.
In Sitemap area, Click on Entity Permissions. Create Entity Permission record for Account. Enable the check box button of Read. Click on Save.

Go back to Power Apps àGo to Solutions.

You will be redirected to the list of available Solutions. Click on Default Solution.

You may select Account entity > Views. Click on Add view.

You will be redirected to the window of Create a view where provide the input value(E.g. Portal Search) in Name field. Click on Create button.

Open Clear Cache page(E.g. of Portal. Click on Rebuild search Index button.

Login into Power Apps portal and enter data (E.g. A Datum Integration) in Search field. The searched results are as shown.

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