Contextual email communication

Dynamics 365 Sales with Outlook enables Sales teams to compose email within the context of the record currently working on, navigate between records, multiple active draft emails open simultaneously, preview the content before sending, add attachments, and use email templates to optimize commonly used tasks. The email with non-blocking pop-up window gives salespeople to compose more thoughtful emails to their customers and improve the quality of engagement.

From the Sales Hub, go to change area and select App Settings.

Then you will see a list of options in the Site Map. Select Productivity tools.
On the right-hand side you will notice Productivity tools page. It has the feature called “Enhanced email for timeline” with description as Multitask, compose, and save drafts using email pop-up.
(Note: This change will apply to all applications in your organization that use timeline.)

Set the feature to Yes and Save. Enhanced email feature is now enabled.
From Sales Hub, go to Sales > Contacts > Open any record (E.g. Benno Kurmann). In the Timeline section, Click on + icon > Activities > Email.

A Popup window to Compose Email within the body of the record appears. This pop-up window sticks in its place while you navigate between records to gather required inputs for your email. That way you do not have to leave the email composing window at all. This functionality was missing earlier so sellers had to spend much time gathering information before a final email is sent. Thanks to Enhanced Email, you can work within the context of a record seamlessly.

Attachments if added could be seen under Attachments tab. Sellers get to experience a new way of email communication with Enhanced Email feature.
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