Easier selection of email templates

Dynamics 365 Sales automates data entry in emails by mapping template text to field data and automatically fills values in emails. Standardized content of email templates effortlessly - unifying communications by crafting common messages across the organization and improving productivity.

Administrative Settings to create Prebuilt Email Templates:
Click on Settings > Templates > Email Templates.

You will be redirected to the window of Email Templates list. Click on New.


Then you will be redirected to Popup window of Email Template Type. In the drop you will notice Global and other entities for selection. If you select Global it means this email template can be used for composing email in any entity. Otherwise, you need to select any specific entity for which you would want to build an email template. Here we selected Email Template Type as Global.

It will be redirected to New Email Template window where you can provide the input values to Title, Description, Subject and content body of the email is as shown.

After inputting all values, click Save & Close.
Insert an email template:
In the email editor, select Insert Template on the command bar.

You will be redirected to the window of Email templates. Select a language from the Language list, on which templates are loaded. Then you can browse for the template from All Templates (A-Z).

Click on template for preview of template content. Click on Apply template to apply the template.

If you need any further assistance, feel free to write us at salesteam@mtccrm.com