Agent productivity enhancements to knowledge capabilities

2020 Release Wave 1 update in Dynamics 365 Customer Service has introduced enhanced agent experience for easily accessing knowledge articles for addressing customer queries and issues. The improved filtering and sorting options will enhance agent productivity. Additionally, agents can now do Knowledge Base Search outside of case entity offering them more flexibility and control.  

From change area section in Customer Service Hub, go to Service Management > Embedded Knowledge Search. Select the Record Types on which you would like to configure Embedded Knowledge Search and move them from Available pane to Selected pane. Here considering Case Entity and moving from Available to Selected pane. Click Save.

In the Customer Service Hub, open any Case entity record (E.g., Faulty Product Catalog) from any list view (E.g. Active Cases).

A Recent Cases section is enabled. Click on knowledge Base Search icon which is appeared with title of the Case record (E.g. Faulty Product Catalog) by default is as shown.

Open filter pane: you can filter the knowledge articles in specific states such as Status, visibility, Modified Date. Click on Open filter pane button.

Sort knowledge articles: Knowledge base search control provides sort the knowledge articles interactions. Select the up-arrow icon to view the sorting options and select one of the options such as Relevance, Number of views, Last modified date (newest first), Last modified date (oldest first).

Search knowledge articles: Type a keyword (E.g. Booking Travel) in the search box to search for knowledge articles.

Link and unlink article to record: You can associate and dissociate the knowledge article to the Case record. Click on Link icon.

Pop out article in new window: Select the button Pop out to open the article in a new window.

Email the knowledge article: you can use Link this article to Case and send via Email button which will be redirected to an email form which opens with link to article, and its content is populated in the email body. The fields are automatically populated based on case and customer details. Add any information, if needed. Click Send on the command bar.

View knowledge article inline in search control: Select an article title to see its full content by scroll down. In this view mode, you can perform the actions such as link the knowledge article to a record, Pop out the article to new window and email the knowledge article to a customer.

Submit ratings and feedback for knowledge articles: When customer service agent working on a case and refer to an article from the Knowledge Base Search control, you will be presented with an option to rate whether article is helpful and provides relevant information to assist customers quickly. By review these feedbacks, knowledge managers will improve and maintain a healthy knowledge base.

You can rate the article and provide feedback, whether it is helpful or not, by selecting the Thumbs up or Thumbs down button.

If the article is not helpful, you can also provide comments in the comment box on how the article can be improved.

The comment box is displayed when you select Thumbs down button. Provide your comment (E.g. Need more information…).Click on Submit button.

You can see the Ratings, Views and Article date in knowledge articles as shown.

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