Dynamics 365 Sales New Feature #3: Enhanced experience for adding products to opportunities

Often sellers are required to update opportunities regularly to reflect the purchase intent for every product and manage a wide range of products. Dynamics 365 Sales has added an enhanced experience for adding products to opportunities. Sellers can now add products quickly and intuitively with minimal effort.

Configuration: Click on Sales (left-bottom) > App Settings > Product Catalog Settings. Enable the Adding products (preview) Enhanced add product experience. Click on Apply button.

1. Look up products directly from the catalog: Search and find products based

on free text across name and description columns within the Product entity. Filter products based on product family or predefined views to find the right products.
Open an Opportunity record in the list view. Select Products tab. Click on Add Products button.

You will be redirected to the popup window where select the icon - Filter products on product family. Click on Product Family > Product + Warranty Packages.

You will found right products within the Product family of Product entity. From this available list of products, some products(E.g. ArmBand 100, ArmBand 150, AssemblyMaestro 100, AssemblyVirtuoso 200, AssemblyVirtuoso 300) are selected which are needed to be add them to Opportunity. Click on Add to Opportunity button.

2. Explore product details inline and compare products to make an informed selection: View additional information for each product before selecting it.

Make a click on any product (E.g. ArmBand Install (Flat Hourly Rate)) from the available list of products. The additional information is as shown.

3. Add multiple products at once: Select multiple products at the same time to save time and increase productivity.

Select the products (E.g. ArmBand 100, ArmBand 150, ArmBand Install(Flat Hourly Rate)) with editable Quantity. Click on Add to Opportunity button.

If you need further assistance, write an email to SalesTeam@mtccrm.com