Dynamics 365 Sales New Feature #2: Work with opportunities in the Kanban view

Kanban view in Opportunities enables sales team to work more efficiently by keeping a track on the progress of Opportunities intuitively. Using Kanban sales team can move opportunities from one stage to another through drag-and-drop facility. Opportunities within Kanban are shown as cards with each lane reflecting different status or business process flow.

Configuration: Click on settings > Customizations > Customize the system.

Select Opportunity under Entities. Click on Controls tab > Add Control.

You will be redirected to Popup window of Add Control where select the Kanban. Click on Add button.

Make sure that the Kanban is added in the Controls tab of Opportunity entity. And then click on Save and Publish.

Functionality: In the site map, select Opportunities. Select any Opportunities view (E.g. Open Opportunities). On the command bar, select the More commands icon > Show As > Kanban.

Two types of Kanban views are available for opportunities:

1. Business process flow stage (default view)

2. Opportunity status.

1. Business process flow stage: In the Business process flow-based view, swim lanes represent the stages of opportunities such as Qualify, Develop, Propose, Close.

At the top of each lane, the total estimated revenue for the opportunities is shown. Also, shows a count of opportunity cards in that lane. At any given point, only the first 10 records or cards will be shown in any lane. Here, the count shows 10/18.

You can quickly change the details for three fields of an Opportunity record, as the card fields are editable inline.

You can use the Search box to filter the records or cards in the swim lane based on search criteria. E.g. If you enter the keyword "Video streaming Equipment," it will refresh the Kanban view to only show the opportunity records where the title begins with "Video streaming Equipment ".

2. Status-based Kanban view: In the status based Kanban view, each swim lane represents a default opportunity status such as, Open, Won, and Lost.

Moving a card to other lanes in the Status-based Kanban view opens the Opportunity status change dialog box as shown.

You can drag an Opportunity card from the Open pane to the Won or Close lanes. (E.g. Card or Record named Video Streaming Equipment is dragged from Open to Won status).

If you need further assistance, write an email to SalesTeam@mtccrm.com.