Low-Code/No-Code Case Management Portal using Power Apps Portal

Case Management assumes greater importance for companies especially service companies to ensure the customer issues are properly registered and resolved on a timely basis. It is one of the key contributing factors for customer satisfaction. A company with good case management will always have an edge over others. So far companies have been heavily dependent on technical resources for developing case management portal in Dynamics 365 portal. However, with the introduction of Power Platform by Microsoft, which is a low-code/no-code technology, companies can build apps with least technical help at a rapid pace.

MTC has been championing the use of low-code/no-code technology right from day one and has built dozens of apps. In its latest development, MTC functional consultants were able to develop the most happening case management portal using Power Apps Portal. Let’s look at the case management portal which be customized based on customer needs. 

Below is a sample case management portal which a customer can use to create a case, view case, view company cases and view closed cases. Apart from that, customers can refer to knowledge articles, contracts, invoices, etc., by navigating to respective tabs.

A customer must first register with the case management portal for gaining access. He can register by simply submitting details such as Email, Username and Password or by using Azure AD or by redeeming invitation code.

A customer must sign into the portal to view the contents of it.

Here is the Home page where a customer can graphically view active and resolved cases both on individual level and organizational level. On the top-left, there are four options namely, Create a New Case, View My Cases, View Company Cases and View Closed Cases.

Create a New Case

On clicking Create a New Case, the following page is displayed where the customer must enter details such as Case Title, setting the priority, Description and attach supported files if any and click Submit to create a new case (see example below).

View My Cases

On clicking View My Cases, a customer will be able to check all the cases created by him.

View Company Cases

On clicking View Company Cases, a customer will see all the cases (including theirs) that have been created on behalf of their company.

View Closed Cases

On clicking View Closed Cases, a customer can view all the resolved cases.

Knowledge Articles

On clicking Knowledge tab, a customer can see all the knowledge articles which may help in resolving an issue without having to create a case and wait for the resolution.


All the contracts that a customer has signed up with service provider will be listed in this tab.


All invoices related to cases are listed here.

Contact Us

If there is any new prospect who would like to reach out to the service provider seeking some solution, he might use the Contact Us tab. A lead will given details will be created in service provider’s CRM.

Everything including the look and feel of this portal can be customized based on one’s business requirements.

If you are interested in bringing down the development costs using the low-code/no-code technology, then now is the time to talk to us and get a portal of your own. Email us at salesteam@mtccrm.com with your business requirements.