What are the licensing options for PowerApps Portal?

PowerApps Portals provide low-code tools to build responsive websites that connect an organization with external customers or partners. It provides the ability to create a new portal which can be accessed by internal users, anonymous external users or by authenticating external users with LinkedIn, local logins, Microsoft accounts and other identity providers.

Microsoft has revealed pricing approach to access the PowerApps Portals with tiers for external users & new PowerApps per app and per user plans for internal users.

Below is the table listing out the licensing options for PowerApps Portals.

User Type


SKU Name

Unit Capacity



External User(authenticated)

Per log in

PowerApps Portals login capacity add-on

100 Logins


• A login provides the authenticated user with access to a single portal for up to 24 hours.
• Multiple logins during the 24 – hour period count as 1 billable login.

PowerApps Portals login capacity add-on Tier 2

1000 Logins


PowerApps Portals login capacity add-on Tier 3

5000 Logins


External User(Unauthenticated)

Per page view

PowerApps Portals page view capacity add- on

100,000 page views


Internal user

Via license

Dynamics 365 (Various) PowerApps per app plan PowerApps per user plan



• Custom portal use rights are aligned with custom app use rights.

Per login pricing of External user (authenticated)

  • 100 logins at $200 = $2 per login
  • 1000 logins at $1000 = $1 per login
  • 5000 logins at $3500 = $0.70 per login

As the number of logins purchased increases, the price per login decreases from $2 per login for 100 to $1 per login for 1,000, and down to $0.70 for 5,000 i.e., reduce the rates as customers buy larger volumes of authenticated user access. Ask us for any queries.