Maybe you’re a business advisor seeking a capable, multifaceted accounting solution to recommend to clients. Perhaps you’re an independent accountant looking for a way to sell more advanced services to customers. Or maybe you’re a QuickBooks ProAdvisor working with a string of franchises that wants to look for a more robust accounting solution than QuickBooks can provide.

If so, you may wish to partner with MTC’S GRAVITY Accounting Solution, a cloud-based accounting solution for small and mid-sized businesses. As a partner, you can explain to others how MTC MTC’s Gravity’s ultra-efficient accounting app can work in their favor as an upgrade from QuickBooks. While QuickBooks has long been the accounting go-to for small businesses, many are finding that it falls short once their business begins to grow and they need better security and functionality.

Among its shortcomings, QuickBooks can’t always handle workloads associated with in-depth revenue-recognition programs, complex inventory management or even complicated subscription billing. With one database for all entities, MTC’S GRAVITY can drive a lot of efficiency in complex organizations. As a result, many organizations are seeking guidance from accounting experts or business consultants about powered-up upgrades that can help them move forward more efficiently.

With that in mind, here are six key reasons to partner with MTC’S GRAVITY Accounting Solution, a robust cloud-based accounting solution specifically designed to be a step up from QuickBooks.

  1. MTC’s Gravity is part of a leading-edge cloud accounting solution portfolio. It is the only accounting software built from the ground up on the on the well-known Microsoft Power Platform. Why is that important? You just have one database to manage for all your applications — an open platform that has apps like Financials from MTC’s Gravity Accounting Solution, Grant Management from GrantVantage, Job Cost from Cumulus Apps, Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM) from Microsoft, Marketing Automation from ClickDimensions and much more. What’s even better, there are no sync issues to deal with or separate databases to manage.
  2. MTC’s Gravity provides in-depth online training and certification. To help partners get up to speed on all its capabilities, the company offers three different partner levels aimed at business consultants, accounting resellers, accounting firms, outsourced CFOs, accountants, bookkeepers and tax and consulting professionals. On a more informal level, it offers a range of how-to videos in its online library on topics ranging from advanced financial statements to allocations and closing.
  3. MTC’s Gravity is 100% partner channel focused. That means MTC’s Gravity does not sell direct. Based on your partner level, MTC’s Gravity provides leads to partners and the building blocks to help your practice grow so you can make more money as quickly as possible.
  4. MTC’s Gravity has an excellent reputation as a top alternative to expensive ERP apps like Dynamics 365 Business Central, NetSuite and Sage Intacct. Why lose a client to those expensive ERP apps when your clients just needs what MTC’s Gravity has to offer? A recent overview by, for example, rated MTC’s Gravity Accounting Solution 95% for user satisfaction, gave it an 8 of 10 in a test of nine product criteria, cited it as a Rising Star and awarded it for Premium Usability.
  5. MTC’s Gravity helps improve the lives of its users and beneficiaries. This exciting new cloud-accounting technology allows your clients to accomplish the same task as before, but in fewer steps. By adding MTC’s Gravity to your solution stack, you keep your clients when they start to outgrow their entry-level accounting software. Why not become your clients' trusted advisor, cash in on the implementation revenue and increase overall efficiencies across the board?
  6. MTC’s Gravity offers companies the ability to personalize the application beyond just adding a few user-defined fields. Because it’s cloud-based on the Microsoft Power Platform, you can modify forms and business processes to meet a company’s needs and still have an upgrade path for new releases. And guess what? MTC’s Gravity includes the first five legal entities in its base license; after that, clients can effortlessly scale to hundreds of users or companies. Clients can even go from three user to 30 users to 300 users in a day.

Want to learn more about a potential partnership with MTC’s Gravity Accounting Solution? Request a demo at to learn more about our feature-rich capabilities and how we can help you keep your clients by partnering with MTC’s Gravity.