Description Template for Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

MTC has built a new add-on named “Description Template” to help CRM Users build a collection of description templates beforehand and populate them wherever needed on CRM entity records for speeding up their jobs. Currently, Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM doesn’t have such a functionality to make CRM users more productive and efficient. Although the application sounds simple, yet it has a powerful impact in terms of adding value to resource productivity.

The back end configuration is simple where users can start adding text to description box and save them as templates. Also, it is from here that users must configure the application on target entities and give the logical name of the record field on which the description template must be populated. Once the configuration settings are done, user needs to do one last activity to start using the functionality which is to add a web resource to select the desired descried
description template on the record field.

Below is the detailed explanation on how Description Template works for your Dynamics 365/CRM.


  1. After installing Description Template solution in your CRM instance, go to Settings à Solutions.
  2. Click Description Template solution. 
  3. Go to Configuration Page.
  4. You will notice Description Box where you can enter the description and save as template

Just below you can see the entities list on the left-hand side column from where you can select the entities of your choice and click the double arrow to see them reflected on the right-hand side column, i.e., Selected Entities. In the right-hand side column, you need to tick the check box of that entity and enter the logical name of the field (Only string fields and multiple line fields are allowed) where you want to populate the description template. Click Save.

Note: If you are re-selecting an entity for configuration then the solution will display an alert saying that the selected entity already exists.

Adding a Web Resource

  1. Go to the configured entity (e.g., Account in this case) and open any record.
  2. Click FORM on the ribbon to add Web Resource.

      3.In the form, select the area where you want to add the Web Resource and Click on Web Resource under Insert tab.

      4.Add Web Resource “mtcdesc_DescTempDropdown” (Hint: Just enter mtcdesc and hit the search icon to get the web resource).

     5.Enter Field Name. Label will be the same as Field Name. Click OK. Save and Publish.

    6.Go back to the record and refresh the page. You will notice that the web resource has been added successfully.


Open any Account record.  

Select the desired description template from the drop down.

You will notice that this description template will be populated in the field whose logical name matches with the logical name being given in the configuration settings.

As the logical field name given was fax, you can see the description template being populated in the fax field.

Likewise, you can configure description template on multiple entities with your chosen logical field name.

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