Multi-File Uploader to SharePoint – A Must Have Addon for Dynamics 365/CRM Users

Multi-File Uploader to SharePoint is another Multi-File Uploader add-on series from MTC. Multi-File Uploader is built by MTC with an intent to make life easy for CRM Users who are required to upload multiple files of varying sizes to SharePoint from within their CRM instance. It is important to note that the standard CRM functionality has an upload limit of 50MB and recommends users to upload files directly to SharePoint beyond 50 MB. This has a crippling effect on the CRM users who would like to have a trace of their upload to SharePoint back in CRM. Also, a user cannot upload multiple files at one go, instead he must select each file at a time to upload them. This is seriously time consuming and very unproductive. This is where MTC’s Multi-File Uploader to SharePoint assumes its significance.

The good thing about Multi-File Uploader is that it is pre-configured by default on all entities that support document 

All a user must do is visit an entity record, open the Documents and click the “Upload to SharePoint” button on the ribbon to browse and upload multiple files at one go. Later, he can find them on SharePoint by clicking OPEN LOCATION.

Below are the detailed steps on how to use Multi-File Uploader to SharePoint.

For your basic understanding, let’s consider a sample Account record (e.g., A. Datum).

Go to SalesàAccount à Account Record.

From the sitemap, click the down arrow just beside the Account Record.

Click on Documents.

You will be directed to Document Associated Grid In here you will notice UPLOAD TO SHAREPOINT button on the ribbon.

Click it and browse the files you want to directly upload to SharePoint. You can select multiple files unlike the OOB functionality which allows you to select only one file at a time.

Files will be successfully uploaded. Click Submit.

You will notice that the files uploaded to the SharePoint in the document grid.

Select any of the uploaded file and click OPEN LOCATION to see the file in SharePoint site.

This way you can upload multiple files to SharePoint directly without having to worry about maximum file-size upload limitation of 50 MB and uploading files one at a time.

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