How to Configure Super Grid on Dashboard?

Super Grid is an ingenious add-on from MTC that allows excel-like editing down the column on both home grid and sub grids of CRM entity records for different views. As a result, CRM users can become more efficient and productive than before as they no longer have to dive deep into the records for either editing or adding of records.

The most interesting aspect about Super Grid is that it can be configured on Dashboards and Forms too. Let’s see how Super Grid can be configured on Dashboard.

Go to CRM àSettings àCustomizations

Click Customize the System.

Click Customize the System.

A window pops up displaying the components you can customize as per your business needs.

Since we are configuring Super Grid on Dashboard, let’s click on Dashboards first and select the target Dashboard. For example, let’s try to configure Super Grid on Sales Activity Dashboard. See image below.

Click Sales Activity Dashboard.

A window pops up displaying the dashboard. Click Web Resource present on the ribbon. Web Resource window will pop up.

Add Web Resource ‘mtc_/EditGrid/CustomGridPage.html’

Enter Web Resource name. The same name will be populated as Label Name.

Click OK. Save and Publish the customizations.

You will be redirected to the Dashboard with the newly created Grid on it. You can adjust the size of the grid as per your preferences from settings area.

Settings Area for Super Grid on Dashboards

Since a grid has already been created on Sales Activity Dashboard, you should now configure custom grid on the web resource.

Click Settings icon. Form Settings window pops up.

It has 3 tabs namely, Entities, Events and Advance Settings.

Click Entities. Select the entity and view of your choice from the drop down (e.g., Account entity with My Active Accounts view).

Next, Select Events tab.

Add Web Resource, Type of Event, and Function Name.

Here we are using the existing web resource ‘mtc_ButtonScript.js’

Note: There are five types of Event available from the Drop down list. Like On Load, On Save, On Add Row, On Change and On Save Complete. Except for On Change for all the other four events, you can directly give the Function name and Click Add button as shown below.

On clicking Add, the Name is moved to existing Functions. This can be deleted if needed by selecting the function and clicking Delete Button.

“On Change” Event:

Select “On Change” event from the drop down list.

Add Function Button is shown in the place of Function Name. Click on Add Function Button. A new Pop-up window is displayed as shown below.

Note: If Filter by View is checked, only the Attributes pertaining to Select Views under Entities are displayed for Attribute Names. If not selected, then all the Attributes of the entities are displayed for Attribute Names.

Here you must select the Attribute Name and Function Name. These can also be filtered by View if needed.

Click OK to Continue.

Select Advance Settings. Then select Auto Save, CRM required fields, Filter Attributes, etc., as per your requirements.

A Custom Grid will then appear as shown below.

You can notice there is a Search Functionality created along with the Custom Grid. It helps a lot in narrowing down your target search. You can do search on all the columns with keywords.

Super Grid Search Functionality on Account Name Column

Super grid Search functionality on Main Phone Column:

Likewise, you can perform search operations on other columns too.

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