How to Trace a Plug-in? Isolation Mode in Plugins.

To trace a Plug-in, we use Plug-in trace log which stores the trace log information.

Enable Plug-in Trace Log:

To enable the Plug-in Trace Log in CRM, navigate to Settings > Administration.

The Administration window opens.

Click System Settings. You will be directed to System Settings page.

From here, you can navigate to the Customization tab and select all for the Enable logging to Plug-In Trace Log field. Then click OK.

To check the Plug-in Trace Log entries, click on Main Settings Plug-in Trace Log.

Isolation Mode in Plugins

Isolation mode in plugins describes the level of security restrictions imposed on the plugin execution pipeline.

Isolation mode is specified on assembly level and not on individual plugin steps.

  • If a plugin is in isolation mode, that means it set to be sandbox or none
  • CRM online plugins can only run with an isolation mode = sandbox
  • A normal plugin is a plugin which has an isolation mode = none
  • A plugin registered in sandbox mode is more secure, but some action are restricted, although a plugin can still access the Dynamics CRM organization service
  • Access to the file system,system event log, certain network protocols,registry, and some functionalities like using database or file directory is prevented in the sandbox. 

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