MTC Unveils New Feature in Super Grid for Additional Ease of Editing in Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

MTC has come up with another smart feature to boost its Super Grid add-on functionality by using which users can have entities such as Email, Appointment, Phonecalls, Tasks, and Notes to be displayed on the home grid for easy access to wider details and addition of new records. Super Grid users will love this cool feature as it is easy-to-configure and saves tons of their time.

Let’s see how the configuration is done below.  


  • Navigate to Sales --> Accounts and select any existing record or create a new record.
  • For e.g., Coho Winery here.

  • Open the record. Click Form.

  • Form window opens up.
  • Navigate to Insert tab. Click One Column. Go to Section, add 5 Columns by clicking One Column five times.


  • Double click on Tab.
  • Give Name it in the format tab_activitygrid
  • Enter the Label name
  • Tick all the check boxes

  • Click OK
  • The tab name will be changed to CRM Activities.


  • Select the first section under Tab and add Web Resource “mtc_/HTML/ActivityButtons.html”
  • Enter Name as ActivityButton while Label will be automatically picked as ActivityButton.

  • Click OK
  • The web resource will be added and the section name will be changed to Activity Button.


  • Double click the second the section to Name and Label the activity.
  • Enter Name in the format “tab_section_emails”
  • Give Label with the Activity Name such as Emails.

  • Click OK.
  • The section name will be changed to Emails.


  • Select the Emails section and add the Web Resource mtc_/EditGrid/CustomGridPage.html”
  • Enter Name as Emails so that the Label is automatically picked up.

  • Click OK
  • Web Resource will be added to the Emails section.

Similarly, name other sections with the required activities by following Step 4 and add web resources by following Step 5.


  • You will notice a custom grid for the activities configured on the account record.

  • Click on the Email tab. Go the Settings Page.
  • Select Entity and Entity View from the drop down.

  • Click Save & Close.
  • You can now start adding new email items on the fly.

  • Click +NEW to open the email form in the window.

  • Select an email record and click Attachment to browse and add attachments.

Similarly, repeat Step 6 for other activities such as Appointments, Phonecalls, Tasks and Notes.

If you haven't tried Super Grid yet then you're losing time which could be better channelized for other business activities. Try Super Grid and save time!