What is Customer Service Hub and how to get started with it?

Have you explored the Customer Service Hub app in the new Dynamics 365? If not yet, then it is never too late. Some of you might be having this question of why Customer Service Hub when we already have a Customer Service module in place. Well, the answer lies in understanding the capabilities it has to offer to the CRM users.

To begin with, Customer Service Hub is a sophisticated and optimized version of Customer Service module that empowers CRM users to discharge their duties in a faster and efficient way by providing unified interactive interface where all important information can be assembled at one place for easy and quick access. The immediate thing that comes in our mind when we talk about Customer Service is the case management. Customer Service Hub makes very light work of case management as the Tier 1 Dashboard allows users to keep track of all cases with different visual filters and streams and deep dive the information using Tier 2 Dashboard.

Tier 1 Dashboard supports four visual filters namely,

  • Cases by Priority
  • Cases by Mix (Origin such as Twitter, Facebook, Phone, Email, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Cases by Status
  • Cases by Account

And four streams supported are:

  • Active Cases
  • My Resolved Cases
  • My Draft Emails
  • My Activities

With the right combination of visual filters and streams, it becomes extremely simple for users to monitor and manage customer cases.

Getting Started…

With this basic understanding of Customer Service Hub, let’s see how to get started with it.

From the Dynamics 365 web application, go to Settings > Application > My Apps > Customer Service Hub.

In the Dynamics 365 sitemap, navigate to the app switcher and then select Customer Service Hub.

You will be directed to the Tier 1 Dashboard as shown below.

You can visualize the data the way you want by making use of the filters. You can further deep dive into the cases by clicking the appropriate segments.

From the drop-down, you can select Tier 2 Dashboard which will help you to work with cases from different perspectives, including products and incident types.

This way, it gets lot simpler for a CRM user to deal with case management.

Reference Used: http://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/lystavlen/2017/10/12/the-new-customer-service-hub-in-dynamics-365/

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