Credit Card Payments, Refunds, Recurring Billing & More with Credit Card Processing Solution

Credit Card payments have featured in a big way in everyone’s life. Not only because it eliminates the need to carry the cash but also because of the endless benefits it offers in the form of reward points and other complimentary offers. Visa, MasterCard, American Express are some of the well-known financial services corporations that process wide variety of electronic payments via. debit cards, credit cards, gift cards, travel cards, etc. The volume of transactions using credit cards from these networks have skyrocketed in the last few years because of the advanced security and easy accessibility offered. All companies under the sun have been using credit cards in a big way to make electronic payments. Companies using Microsoft Dynamics CRM are not exception to this, but unfortunately there is no in-built functionality in CRM to support credit card transactions.

Identifying the opportunity and with a profound goal of filling the gap, MTC has launched Credit Card Processing solution some time ago. Companies received it positively and requested for more features. Today, Credit Card Processing supports a wide variety of features such as refunds and recurring billing. Credit Card Processing solution works in association with Authorize.Net, a trusted payment gateway partner.

It all starts with a company wanting to make payments to different contacts using their credit cards. API Login Code and Transaction Key must be fetched by logging into Authorize. Net which shall be used for Authorizations inside CRM. A company can select contacts and add credit card information by selecting the Authorize.Net payment Gateway type. Details such as credit card number, CVV, expiry date, etc., must be entered and saved. The credit card number will be immediately encrypted. For making payments, a company has to select the contact and click payments on the ribbon. A window with existing credit card information displays. If there are multiple cards, a company can select the desired credit card from the drop down which only displays the last four digits of the card. The required payment amount has to be entered and Aurthorize Duration can be set before finally clicking Authorize for processing the credit card payment.

Likewise, payments can be made for invoices too by selecting the appropriate invoice and then clicking Credit Card from the ribbon. Amount, Owner and Invoice Details are then automatically captured. Select the transaction status as Authorized to process the payment.

For refunds, a company has to select the account/contact for which the refund has to be made. Then click Refund from more commands (…). A refund form opens up with the details of the transaction. Refunds can be done only on Settled Transactions. Once done, the amount will be refunded to the credit card used and the result will be displayed as successful.

For recurring billing, a company has to select account/contact and click Recurring billing from more commands(…) button. A company can choose to set the frequency of occurrences, start date, subscription type and amount from the Recurring Billing form. Recurring billing saves big on time and effort allowing companies to focus on more important business areas.