Build Image Library and Change CRM Record Display Picture on the Fly with CRM Image Capture

Ever wondered how you can add a plethora of images into your Dynamics 365 and choose the same to set as display pictures for entities such as Account, Contact or Lead? Or simply using your webcam to capture live images and feed into CRM for displaying pictures for Account, Contact or Lead? Or uploading an image for better data correlation as in the case of service cases where you are recording documents like AC installation, Gas Filling or Breakdown of AC? Isn’t that a good thought?

Well, what follows next is a brilliant idea from MTC which has combined all of the above use scenarios in the form of an add-on for Dynamics 365 and it is called CRM Image Capture.

CRM Image Capture is an enhanced version of MTC’s CRM Picture. In it, you will be able to upload images in a jiffy and apply the same as display pictures for CRM entities such as Account, Contact, Lead, etc. Though there is a provision to upload images and set as display pictures for CRM entities, there is no real provision for maintaining image library and select the images of your choice. Also, the conventional way of uploading and setting as display pictures takes a few extra steps which is not desirable. Add to that, you can’t capture live images from webcam to keep your CRM records up to date. On the other hand, CRM Image Capture allows you to capture live images using web cam and preview before applying as display pictures. It is because of this flexibility and usability, CRM Image Capture has been on high demand in the Dynamics Marketplace.  

CRM Image capture supports two configurations namely Single Picture Configuration and Multiple Picture Configuration. Single Picture Configuration requires addition of a web resource that will allow you to add image anywhere on the CRM entity record. It finds use mostly for service cases where you want to associate images with each of the service case raised.  Multiple Picture Configuration also requires addition of a web resource that allows creation of image library and use of webcam for setting as display pictures for CRM entities such as Account, Contact, Lead, etc

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Single and Multiple Picture Configuration for additional flexibility
  • Single Picture Configuration for better data correlation
  • Multiple Picture Configuration for easy uploading of images, live capturing of images via webcam and setting the same as display pictures for CRM entities.
  • One click setting of display pictures for CRM entities
  • Users have the flexibility of deleting the images from the image library in the grid.
  • CRM image capture supports .png, .jpg, .jpeg, and .gif photo types.
  • CRM Image Capture also provides the ability to preview the image captured through webcam before setting it as display picture.
  • CRM Image Capture provides the users with low maintenance and more transparent viewpoint.