Microsoft Power Apps

Power Apps is the newest technology from Microsoft aimed at easing the way business apps are developed for handling a variety of business needs. It typically works as a Platform as a Service (PaaS). Using Power Apps, you can create apps faster than before using the drag and drop user interface adding different user controls and media. The apps thus developed works seamlessly across all operating platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, etc., and on all browsers.

Also, Power Apps allow you to extend or customize the apps that you already use. Data can be drawn into your apps by connecting to data sources such as Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Salesforce, Excel, Microsoft Azure, Dropbox, One Drive, etc., to complete your app.

Key Benefits of Power Apps:

Drag and Drop UI: Drag and drop user interface in power app lets you build web and mobile apps quickly.

Innovate Faster: The predefined templates in Power Apps will allow you to innovate apps faster than before.

Flexible Update Management: Without publishing the immediate changes, power app users can update the app by saving their changes and testing the app. Recent changes will be available as drafts, in case if the users want to revise any of the version they can do it without disturbing the published app. The app users have the flexibility of publishing the app when they desire, so that end users can actually view the app updates.

Automate Tasks with Microsoft Flows: In Power Apps, we can trigger Microsoft Flows which are just like workflows in CRM used for getting notifications, alerts and request approvals.     

Powerful Built-in Data Service: Using Common Data Service for Apps, it is easy to bring your data together and quickly create apps.

Controls in Power Apps

èIn power apps we can display entity records.

èUsing power apps a timer can be displayed. User can configure the app to respond after a certain amount of time passes.

è PDF viewer displays the PDF files on power apps application from a remote server to Show the content of a PDF file on the Internet.

èWe can implement ratings in power apps. Ratings indicate a value between 1 and a specified number.

èWe can import data into the application and we can export the data from the application

Media Controls

èWe can add media tools like camera, Micro phone, Barcode etc

Camera: By adding this control user can take and save photos in the app or to a data source.

Microphone: By adding this control, the user can update a data source with one or more sounds from wherever the app is running.

Barcode: By adding this control user can update a data source by scanning a barcode by using a device that has a camera.


èPower apps has an ability to display data in graphical format such as column chart, Line chart and pie chart.

Column chart: It displays the vertical bars relative to the two axes.

Line Chart: It displays the series of  data points relative to the two axes.

Pie chart : It displays the data in a circular manner.

Look up Fields

èWe can display lookup fields on power apps for displaying the data. We can render lookup fields as dropdown lists in power apps.


Power apps provides us with predefined icons for visually displaying edit, refresh, and sort. Save, crop, download Etc., functionalities