How MTC’s Super Grid Add-on Scores Over Editable Grid in Dynamics 365

In-line editing of records is the most awaited feature in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft has released this feature in Dynamics 365. Prior to this, MTC has come up with Super Grid gap fill add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM almost 4 years ago that has been supporting CRM 2011 to the latest Dynamics 365. Though Editable Grid is in-built in Dynamics 365, it still lacks in many fronts when compared to Super Grid. One look at the below pointers will explain you how Super Grid evolves as the winner over Editable Grid in Dynamics 365.

  1. CRM Versions Supported: Super Grid supports most CRM Versions (CRM 2011 to D365) whereas Editable Grid is available only in Dynamics 365.

  1. Auto Save: You can enable/disable Auto Save using Super Grid. On Contrary, Editable Grid in D365 doesn’t support this.
  2. Editable Fields: Certain fields like Status and Status Reason are editable using Super Grid but not with Editable Grid in D365.

     4Publish Customizations: In case of Super Grid, you need not publish when certain customizations are done, but it’s quite opposite in Editable Grid for D365.

     5. JavaScripts Supported: Super Grid supports Java Scripts for events such as On Load, On Change, On Save, On Save Completed and On Add New Row. Editable Grid for D365 supports only fewer events such as On Record Select, On Save and On Change.


    6.  Editing Data Types: In Super Grid you can edit data types such as State, State Reason and Customer whereas it’s not possible in Editable Grid for D365.


    7Inactive Fields: Inactive fields in Editable for D365 are locked and cannot be edited whereas the same can be editable in Super Grid except for Status and Status Reason. Super Grid gives option to lock all fields from editable too.


   8. In-line Editing Views: In-line editing can be restricted for Views using Super Grid settings, but the same is not possible with Editable Grid for D365. By default, in-line editing is applied to all views.


  9. Read Only Mode: Super Grid gives you the flexibility to change record fields to read only mode. The same is not possible with Editable Grid for D365.


10. Dashboards & Forms: Super Grid is configurable on Dashboards and Forms whereas it is restricted in case of Editable Grid for D365.

Considering the above points, Super Grid still extends a lot of flexibility in terms of excel-like editing and supersedes Editable Grid for D365.

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