What is Customer Self-Service Portal?

Customer Self-Service Portal is used to provide any type of data to your customers including product and service information, videos describing how to use products, and answers to frequently asked questions. Customer Self-Service Portal delivers an additional support to organizations to meet their customers to quickly answer their questions with the device of their choice. Using Customer Self-Service Portal we can restrict customer access to knowledge articles based on content access levels. With a self-service portal, customers receive the support they desire, access to discussion forums that build customer loyalty, access to their support entitlement data, and the ability to provide organizations with feedback through polls, ratings, and comments.

Default Features In Customer Self-Service Portal:

  • Feedback
  • Knowledge Base
  • Forums
  • Support
  • Case Management


No web role is associated by default to contact created from Customer Self-Service Portal.

After adding Customer Self-Service Portal, we will get portal like below.

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