Enabling Visitor Tracking for Dynamics 365 Portal Pages

By enabling visitor tracking for Dynamics 365 Portal Pages, you can track details such as page accessed, user name, IP address, date and time, via. web page logs. This information is very much useful for understanding the user’s content preference which will further help in doing targeted campaigns for relevant selling products and services.

Steps to Enable Visitor Tracking for D365 Portal Pages​

1. Login in to CRM.

2. Navigate -> Main Menu -> Portals.

3. Once the user clicks on the portal a window will be opened with all the web page record. Click on any of the web page record.

4. Open web page for which you want to “Enable Visitor Tracking.”  For instance, let's consider Contact Us page.

In Dynamics 365 portals, visitor tracking can be done page by page.

5.  Then set “Enable Tracking” for this page (i.e., information form and content page form) as shown below.

Information Form

Content Form

6. Access "Contact Us" page (for which page you have enabled tracking) from portal without login.

As we have enabled visitor tracking for "Contact Us" page, an associated web log record will be created in the CRM. 

7. Now open Advance Find and Check for Web Page Logs.

Web page log records created in the CRM will be displayed.

8. Open the record associated with your visit without portal login from the web page log.

The opened record will contain information about the page accessed, user identity (this page was accessed with out login so this field will be empty), page accessed date, time and IP address.

9. Now access the "Contact Us" page from portal with login credentials. An associated web page record will be created in the CRM.

10. Do the Advance Find once again and search for Web page log. Now open the record that you have visited with login credentials.

The record will contain information about which page accessed, user identity (this page with login credentials so this field will have your user name displayed), page accessed date, time and IP address. 

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