How to Improve Dynamics 365 Portal Performance?

It is always important to ensure the optimal performance of your Dynamics 365 Portal. But, sometimes when multiple users are trying to access your website at a particular instant, they may experience the slowness in performance of the site leading to bad experience. In order to avoid such an unwarranted scenario, MTC has come up with few useful tips whose adoption will ensure the optimal performance of your Dynamics 365 Portal. 

Tip#1 Enable Footer and Header Cache

The following site settings are available and are set to “True” by default to support this functionality.

  • Header/OutputCache/Enabled: Set the value to “True” to enable output caching for header

  • Footer/OutputCache/Enabled: Set the value to “True”  to enable output caching for footer

Note 1: Unless customer themselves placed dynamic content in Header/Footer.

Note 2: For a new user, output caching is enabled by default.  

Tip#2 Disable Tracking Feature on Web Page and Web File

  • Make  sure Tracking feature is disabled for both Web Page or Web File
  • Check that there are no Web Pages or Web Files using a “Yes” value in Enable Tracking column (use Advanced Find for this):

Web page:

Web File:

Tip#3 Disable Change Tracking on Web Page and Web File Entity

  • Disable Change Tracking on Web Page and Web File entity

Web Page:     


  Web File:

  • Check that webpagelog and webfilelog entities are not enabled for Change Tracking.

Webpage log:

Webfile log:

  • Change tracking feature in Solutions area “Save and Publish” should be done once the changes are made.

Tip#4 Disable Login Tracking

  • Make sure that Site Setting record (Ex: LoginTrackingEnabled record) is either not present or set to false.
  • This setting is off by default as it is not shipped as part of the out of the box templates.

  • Make sure you are not changing records related to website entity in CRM frequently. Also make sure you are not updating contacts or webroles on the fly or in bulk.
  •  If you are using webforms, then there is a known performance issues in it where moving from one page to next can be slow. This issue is tracked to be fixed in our upcoming release.