How to Set Read-Only Fields on Custom Grid using Super Grid?

Custom grid using Super Grid allows you to change values on a view inline without getting into the form. In some business scenarios, you would want to edit only a few column fields while making the rest of the fields as read-only. To enable this functionality, you are required to create a web resource on the custom grid you create following the below steps. For instance, let’s consider Account entity on which the custom grid is created.

Step 1:

In the custom gird that you created, click the Settings Icon.  Form Settings window opens up.


Step 2:

Select the Events tab on Form settings as highlighted in the below image. Events window opens up.

Step 3:

Click on Add Web Resource as shown below.                           

Step 4:

From the Look up record, create a new Web Resource by clicking New button.

Create web resource using the below code.

function onloadfn1() {

var customgrid = Xrm.Page.getCustomGrid("Igrid");

var statecode = parent.parent.Xrm.Page.getAttribute("statecode").getValue();

if (statecode != null && statecode != undefined) {

if (statecode != 0)


for (var col = 0; col < customgrid.grid.Columns.length; col++)







Step 5:

In the Function Name field, enter the same function name that you have used in the code (i.e., onloadfn1).

Step 6:

Save & Close the settings.

You can notice that the first column is now read only after adding the web resource.

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