Fast Service Quotes with Templates on Dynamics 365/CRM

TotalServ Pro brings effectiveness of intricate work repeatability with ease of creating accurate costing forecast for internal assurance of profit and customer’s pricing satisfy forecast actions. TSP allows multiple forecast at the Opportunity and Quote level for tracking the time, managing resources and estimating the budget for the project during sales process itself by giving the analysis between the customer budget and actual budget.

Menu Settings Using Templates

In the “Settings” area user can make the template menu selection. Based on the menus selected here Forecast options would be displayed on opportunity/Quote. Navigate to Time and Billing -> Settings-> Time and Billing Settings.

Create an Opportunity/Quote Forecast

Click on the “Create Forecast or Job” button on the opportunity screen and select one of the options from the drop down.

  • Forecast from Template option provides the look up of the existing templates or User can select any one of the existing templates or can create a new template.
  • New hours can be replaced with the existing hours and resources can be replaced based on their availability in the look up window.
  • Forecast would be created with EST hours, EST price and Cost along with the Gantt Forecast.

In the opportunity screen in the Gantt Forecast once the user checks the base lines in the PL column and clicked on copy As product line button all the base lines which are selected would get copied to product line items and created as a single records with the average price calculated for the base lines selected. (Note: Same base lines would get copied to Quote products as well)

On the opportunity screen once the forecast is created click on the (+) in the Quote tab.

Create and Publish a Quote

  • Once the user click on the Quote a window would open which has the Quote information. Under the Forecast information EST hours and EST cost, price would be updated On the Quote window Forecast Gantt would be updated with all the baselines. User has the flexibility of creating. a Forecast even from the Quote as well.
  • User can add or remove the baselines in the Forecast Gantt.
  • Click on the Activate Quote button for the Quote to be activated. Once the Quote is activated an Order would be created.
  • Click on the “Create Order” button on the quote screen for the order to be created.


Convert to Order/Invoice

An order would be created with the forecast information with the Estimated Hours, cost and Price. Invoice can be created directly from the order or a Job can be created. Order will also have the all the product line items with the total amount. User has the flexibility to edit the baselines in the Forecast Gantt in the order as well.

Launch the Live Job

Click on the Create Job button on the order from for the job to be created.


A Job pertaining to that order will be created. Once a Job is created, user can go ahead and create the tasks and assign the Project manager and Resource Manager and resources for that job.

Once the job is created user can the save that particular job as template using Save as Template button on the job form and can use it any time (i.e. Forecasts, jobs) for updating actuals over.

Print and Send Button

Print or send button is good invoice creation and proposal tool built on top of TotalServ Pro. It is now much easier to create custom quotes, orders, proposals, invoices and move the screen view to Word or web. Navigate to Time and Billing -> Administration-> Print and send button configuration


Once the user clicks on Email configuration entity all the Active email configuration would be saved under the View called “Active Send and Print configuration Settings.


A new configuration window will have the following choices. Print button configuration will have only options till CRM word Template. Print/Send button is added in Quote, Order and Invoice which will have a pulldown choices.


Once the configuration is done the Entity menu choice related to that particular entity would be stored under Print or Send button on the form.

  • User can choose any choice from the pulldown and can send an email from the Entity which is selected in the configuration.
  • If the user clicks on Print button a printed version of PDF would be created.
  • If the user clicks on the Send Email Button an Email Template would pop up which is selected in the configuration area. If the PDF button is selected in the configuration PDF would be attached.
  • Click on the send button for the email to go.
  • If the user selects URL in the settings area link would be attached in the mail.