Job Templates Made Easy to Create Jobs from Sales Flow in TotalServ Pro

TotalServ Pro capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a more scientific and deterministic way of coming up with the sales estimates by using job templates and associating it towards the estimates for the project. Whether you are working on a single project or multi team project, with TotalServ Pro you can easily add job templates for creating a projects through a sales process that drive productivity and consistency. These job templates simplifies the process of creating a new identical jobs for different clients. It essentially provides insights,

guidance and tools that enable salespeople to focus on the right customers and priorities, and build a trusted relationship with customers.

How Job Templates Made Easy to Create Jobs from Sales Flow in TSP?

Through Forecasting in Opportunity

Forecasting in TotalServ pro is an essential feature in an Opportunity and Quote where it gives an overview of estimated hours, estimated cost and Price by using job templates. With job templates it’s been easy to replicate work and create new job with altered work hours and replaced resources at the opportunity sales stage in just a few minutes.

Creating a job from Quote

In the opportunity stage once the estimates are derived you can create a quote to the customer. You can create a new job from the quote by using the job templates which are either pre-configured standard job plans or financial estimates common to your organization. By creating your job from the quote, the job is automatically associated with the quote.

Eventually creating a job from sales process using job templates is a best way to create a steady flow of revenue and profitability.