Auto Numbering in D365 V9.0

Auto Numbering in Dynamics 365 v9.0 provides the users with the procedure of managing Auto number attributes. The release supports only creating and managing the auto numbers through SDK.

Process to Configure AutoNumber Manager:

Extract that downloaded file and Open XrmToolBox Application.

After following the series of steps prompted by the application, you will be directed to the following page.

Click New Attribute button for the fields to get enabled to the right side.

Set all attributes based on your requirement.

  • Logical Name: This can be entered only for new attribute, which is prefix with publisher of the Solution.
  • Display Name: This field contains the display name of the field.
  • Description: This field contains description of the field.
  • Maximum Length: This contains the max length of the field.
  • Language Id: This is the pre-populated Id based on the current user content.
  • Number Format: The number format contain any text or characters, and must contain one placeholder for sequence number. This format contains one or more placeholders for random string and date/time string.
  • Seed: It defines the sequence number.
  • Sample Number: It defines sample of the generated auto number.

After entering all details, then click Create button.

By clicking Create button, it will generate a confirmation message then click OK.

Go to your CRM.

  • Open Solution -> Entity ->Form (Which is mention in XrmToolBox application). Select the attribute placed on your form.

  • Click Save and publish it.
  • Now see the below screen shot. Auto Generate field (Product Test) ready to use.