Sub Grid Controls in Dynamics 365-V9.0

The latest version of Dynamics 365, i.e., v9.0 has brought some interesting features such as sub grid controls which enables the user to change the sub grid color, reduce white spacing, etc. In this blog, we will explore these new features. 

Sub Grid Controls Section in Dynamics 365 V9.0:

The new look and feel of the sub grid controls in Dynamics 365 v9.0 has improved user experience with new form design, tabs and persistent spacing.

  • Sub grids header color
  • Bounding boxes that describe the boundaries of sub grids
  • Configuration of data source views, charting options, row span and so forth

This design objective is to reduce and even exclude the extra space gets added because of which form may look cluttered as shown below.

Now let’s see how we can change the panel color on the display of sub grid.

Navigate to the Contact-> open contact form-> open Form Editor.

  • The colors of the sub-grid can be customized by clicking on the set properties on sub grid controls.
  • Check the box titled “Display” on label form and edit the panel header color. User can specify the Hex color value to the text box which will be applied to the sub grid header.
  • Click on save and publish buttons on the form editor.

The changes will reflect once the user refreshes the form.