Editable Grid on D365 Dashboards using Super Grid

Editable Grid in D365 is a very productive feature allowing you to edit the Home Grid and Sub Grid on the fly saving tons of your time and effort. Unfortunately, Editable Grid in D365 is not configurable on Dashboards limiting its capability. Dashboards form an important tool for business owners to get an overview of different departmental progress based on which necessary actions will be initiated. MTC’s Super Grid add-on for D365 rightly addresses this issue making your usage of Dashboards more user-friendly and effortless.

Super Grid add-on is available on Microsoft AppSource and MTC’s websites (www.mtccrm.com/products and www.dynamicsexchange.com) and does everything that Editable Grid feature in D365 does. Let’s see how Super Grid works on D365 Dashboards.

Configuring Editable Grid on D365 Dashboards Using Super Grid

This is a one-time activity and involves the following steps.

  1. Go to D365 àSettings àCustomizations

       2. Click on Customize the System

          3. You will be directed to a window with Solution Information and Components. Under Components, select “Dashboards.” From the list of Dashboards on the right view pane, select the Dashboard on w which you want to configure Editable Grid. For instance, let’s select “Sales Activity Dashboard.”

           4. Double click and open Sales Activity Dashboard.

           5. Click on Web Resource as highlighted below. Web Resource window pops up.

           6. Add ‘mtc_/Edit Grid/CustomGridPage.html’ in the web resource field with the help of look up.

           7. Enter web resource name and click OK.

           8. Save and publish the web resource.

           9. The control is directly moved to the Dashboard. You can adjust the size of the display as per your choice.

         10. Click on the Settings icon. The Form settings window appears. It has 3 tabs namely Entities, Events and Advance Settings.

         11. Under Entities tab, select entity of your choice. Here for example let’s consider Account and set the view as My Active Accounts.

        12. Under Events, Add Web Resource and select the appropriate event (On Load, On Save, On Add Row, On Change and On Save Complete) from the drop down. 

           13. Under Advance Settings, you can select options such as Auto Save, CRM Required Fields, Filter Attributes, etc. (Note: If Filter by Attributes are checked, only the Attributes pertaining to Select Views under Entities are displayed for Required Fields. If not selected then all the Attributes of the entities are displayed for Required Fields)

            14. For Grouping Columns, Is Group able checkbox has to be checked.

            15. Select Enable Sub Grid to Parent-Child relation entity.

            16. Finally, click Save & Close.

            17. Editable Grid on Sales Activity Dashboard using Super Grid.

To get Editable Grid configured on your D365 Dashboards today, please contact us at salesteam@mtccrm.com