How to Integrate SharePoint with Dynamics 365 Portal?

It is learnt that there is no OOB feature to integrate SharePoint with Dynamics 365 Portal, but many global companies are in need for such an integration to carry out their business activities. So, how we go about doing this?

MTC has come up with a solution to overcome this challenge by introducing Azure Function as an intermediary layer between D365 Portal and SharePoint. By introducing the intermediary layer, Azure Function can communicate with both SharePoint and D365 Portal.

Even before adding the Azure Function, we need to configure integration for both CRM and SharePoint as detailed below.

  1. Go to D365 àSettings àDocument Management Settings

       2. Open Document Management Settings. Select Entity and enter SharePoint URL.

Once the configuration is done, go to D365 Portal and try to add the document as follows.

  1. Click on “+” button on the ribbon under Documents.

     2. Choose document files from your desktop.

             3. For example, Case Packer.

Once the document gets added to the Portal, Azure Function will be triggered and the document is reflected in SharePoint.

Since, we already configured CRM and SharePoint Integration, the document can be viewed in CRM as well. 

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